Yumekawaii (ゆめかわいい) is a Japanese aesthetic that refers to pastel, fairytale, fantasy-like things. It appears like the embodiment of a “girls dream” and you can find many illustrations, clothing, and goods, which incorporate this.



Genres of Kawaii- Yumekawaii

Yumekawaii fashion includes feathers, frills, ribbons, and other fluffy materials in its looks. While Fairy Kei emits a retro, vintage kind of kawaii, Yumekawaii is a modern style which features lots of motifs related to japanese popculture, such as anime. However, there is a lot of art which combines these two styles. There are many goods which use a dreamy pastel color palette of Yumekawaii, and sprinklings of candy stars (conpeitou). There are many circle lenses, glitter under the eyes, and very pop impressions.


Popular idol groups within Yumekawaii include

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