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Yuejucore is an inspired aesthetic that stems from Chinese opera, and so, revolves around traditional Chinese theatrics and performative art.



  • Theatres
  • Royal palace
  • Front stages
  • Backstages
  • Chinese opera house (temporary buildings made with bamboo for common folk, more extravagant stages for royals)


  • Chinese old makeup (lip colouring paper sheets, old eyeliner pens, reddish eyeshadows)
  • Hair-styling combs
  • Scripts
  • Costumes and monstrous villain masks
  • Sheet music
  • Old vanity mirrors


  • Sunlight
  • Chinese-style lamps


Written works

By author:

  • Tang Disheng: "Emperor Flower", "Purple Hairpin", "Peony Pavilion", "Two Immortals Worshiping the Moon Pavilion", "Reincarnation of Red Plums", "Butterfly Shadow and Red Pear", "Xiang Luo Tomb", "Red Cherry "Broken Heart", "Begonia Red with Blood", "Dream of Red Mansions", "Marriage of Three Smiles", "Hanatian Eight Happiness", "White Rabbit Meeting", "Osmanthus Stigma", "Dou E's Injustice" (also known as "Six "Yuefeishuang" or "June Snow")
  • Xu Zilang: "Feng Pavilion's Enemy and Enmity Is Unresolved", "The Ruthless Sword and the Heaven", "The Biography of Liu Yi"
  • Su Weng: "Drunk on Golden Branches", "Qin Xianglian", "Mirror Flower Margin", "Mrs. Huarui"
  • Xie Xiaoying: "Mu Guiying Down the Mountain", "Flying General of Brothel", "White Snake Meeting Son", "Phoenix Seeking Phoenix", "Mengyunguan", "Fish Profound Ji and Green Alice", "Painted Skin", "Blessing of Love"


  • Reading classics
  • Studying and reciting scripts of plays