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Yellow Academia is an academia aesthetic that revolves around the pursuit of knowledge through reading, writing and research. It is ideologically similar to its other Academia counterparts, especially light academia, but it is set apart by a distinct yellow colour scheme that gives it a visually more summery or autumnal atmosphere. It also focuses a lot on plants, especially yellow flowers, giving it a connection to Green Academia and Floral Academia. The aesthetic itself is often reminiscent of the aesthetic of Hufflepuff from the Harry Potter series, considering the combined focus on the colour yellow as well as the historical and academic nature of the majority of academia aesthetics.


  • Yellow Doc Martens
  • White Doc Martens
  • Yellow stripy shirts
  • Star themed jewellery
  • Yellow Sundresses
  • Dungaree's
  • Gold Jewellery
  • Hufflepuff themed clothes
  • Yellow skirts
  • White shirts
  • Tan sweaters
  • Warm clothes



  • Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling


  • Vivaldi Variation (Arr. for Piano from Concerto for Strings in G Minor, RV 156) by Florian Christl
  • Arabesque No.1 by Debussy
  • These Old Walls by IMAScore
  • Nocturnal Waltz by Johannes Bornlöf
  • Ancient Fairy by Invadable Harmony
  • Yellow by Coldplay
  • Astronomy by Conan Gray
  • Ophelia by The Lumineers
  • Apocalypse by Cigarettes after Sex
  • Leo by Ludovico Einaudi
  • Mariage D'amour by George Davidson



  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Poetry
  • Sketching
  • Painting
  • Baking
  • Walking through gardens
  • Studying flowers
  • Pressing flowers
  • Collecting unusual things


  • Libraries
  • Book shops
  • Botanical gardens
  • Forests
  • Historical buildings
  • Garden shops