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Wuxia (武俠 lit. martial heroes) is a genre of Chinese historical fiction focusing on stories of martial artists in ancient Chinese settings. Wuxia works, while historically comprised mostly of literature, have grown to include Chinese opera, films, television series, manhua, and video games. The genre boasts great popularity in Chinese-speaking areas around the world, and is considered a prominent aspect of popular culture.

Wuxia stories follow a hero of some kind, typically of a lower social class, as they fight evil and injustice. The heroes in wuxia works usually follow a form of chivalric code, known as xiá, an ancient Chinese martial code comparable to the Japanese samurai bushido.



Prominent Figures


As it is a genre of fiction, media is the core of wuxia. To avoid making this section too long, only prominent and/or influential works will be included in this section.