Woodland Goth or Dark Fairy-core is an internet aesthetic which combines dark, romantic elements of Gothic culture with light subjects like flowers or soft woodland animals. The aesthetic is based off woodland survival and agriculture with a gothic twist.

Elements has been taken from Goblincore, Fairycore, Cottagecore and usually Gothic Lolita, or Romantic Goth.


The Woodland Goth aesthetic can include;

  • Abandoned buildings or cottages
  • Fairies
  • Old farms
  • Old nick-knacks, such as porcelain dolls
  • Mushrooms
  • Picking flowers
  • Poetry
  • Candles and old lamps
  • Misty forests


Activities inspired by the Woodland Goth aesthetic;

  • Walks through the forest
  • Writing in a journal
  • Drawing plants or animals
  • Extracting natural poisons
  • Catching bugs
  • Collecting mushrooms, herbs, etc.
  • Admiring roses
  • Dancing with the trees in the moonlight
  • Singing in the middle of the woods where no one can hear you
  • Pressing flowers
  • Exploring abandoned places that have been taken over by nature
  • Making jewelry from animal bones
  • Watching woodland animals at dusk


Many Woodland Gothic outfits are quite intricate and fancy, and are impractical for the agricultural work it is associated with.

Woodland Gothic clothes commonly involve;

  • Big, gothic lolita-esque skirts, usually with petticoats underneath.
  • loose fitting big button up shirts.
  • Blouses or simple long sleeves.
  • Colors such as Black, Grays, Dark reds, Purples, Navy Blues, Moss Greens and Ivories.
  • Hand knitted accessories, such as wool hats or scarves.
  • Ripped shortalls, or overalls.
  • Floral jewelry, or jewelry that revolves around nature.
  • Floral prints.
  • Stockings or leggings.
  • Flats or work boots.
  • Faerie-inspired makeup looks.
  • Parasols


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