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Wizardcore is an aesthetic based off of magic, fantasy and the taste for discovery and exploration. It's similar to Witchcore, with the same theme of magic, just more central. Along with the need of knowledge and experimentation, whether it be of interests or projects.


Wizardcore has its roots in folklore and mythology surrounding magicians in various cultures in the world. For example, the mythical magician Merlin was depicted in the legend of King Arthur.

In the 20th century, wizards began to be associated with the fantasy genre of fiction. Wizards were often seen as the antagonists in a genre of Pulp Magazines called Swords and Sorcery. This continued into the boom of fantasy fiction from the 1960s to the 1980s, largely based on the popularization of The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. These depictions of wizards often featured them with large cloaks and pointed hats surrounded by magic and energy, which is the Wizardposting aesthetic.

In the 1990s, the depictions of wizards started to change to be toned down and less archetypical. For example, the Harry Potter series depicted wizards as ordinary people. Modern Wizardcore is mostly based on this variation of the aesthetic.


Visuals that are apart of Wizardcore but not limited to:

  • Wizard staffs (Commissioned or made yourself)
  • Walking sticks
  • Books (commonly leather-bound, old, and/or tattered)
  • Cloaks and robes
  • Glass baubles and trinkets
  • Maps and blueprints (commonly older and weathered)
  • Old/victorian mirrors
  • Succulents
  • Gems and stones
  • Brooches
  • Scrolls
  • Candles
  • Notebooks
  • Rustic items
  • Books


  • Cloaks and Capes
  • Long Robes
  • Scarfs
  • Belts with Pouches
  • Shawls
  • Boots
  • Ankle Length Skirts
  • Wizard's Hat
  • Trench Coat


  • Potion-making (be it cocktails or chemistry)
  • Hanging out with your familiar



  • Simon Snow series by Gemma T. Leslie
  • Harry Potter series
  • The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Wizardology: The Book of the Secrets of Merlin by Dugald Steer


  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator by tinyBuild Games
  • Wizard101 by KingsIsle Entertainment


  • Wizard Frog From Adventure Time

    Bufo (Adventure Time)

    Kyle (Fanboy and ChumChum)
  • Bufo (Adventure Time)[1]


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