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Witch House an experimental electronic musical genre that often (but not always) fits into the EDM genre. Witch House songs usually present an aesthetic that incorporates themes that are dark and revolve around the occult, the supernatural, and horror.


While Witch House definitely revolves more around music, it has been visually interpreted, taking a lot of cues from the Vaporwave school of aesthetic thought. It has been interpreted in three ways, which have sometimes been known to merge:

  • Revolving around more tech-y visuals with dark undertones.
  • Revolving around more actual witchcraft, in the sense of Pagan magick and/or Wicca.
  • Revolving heavily around the dark aspect, often using imagery that may be found in horror.
  • Artwork revolving around surrealistic collages & psychedelic obscure art as well as being inspired by retro horror movies (especially the directors David Lynch, Dario Argento & David Cronenberg).

While there is a lot of crossover with the Witchcore aesthetic, make no mistake: Witchcore takes more of a nature-based approached compared to the more dark tech-y Witch House aesthetic, which can also invoke Satanic imagery on top of everything.


Witch House fashion can draw upon a lot of Nu-Goth, Streetwear, Techwear, and Vaporwave fashions (although in the case of Vaporwave inspirations, it's done less in the bright colors often associated with it and instead uses more of a monochromatic color palette with hints of red mixed in). Witch House fashion can also draw upon a lot of 90s Grunge and Mallgoth fashion choices as well.




Musically, Witch House has a droning, dark, and gothic sound to it that's designed to evoke a gothic atmosphere that works surprisingly well with the House music format. Also, the genre is characterized by the use of high-pitched keyboard effects, heavily layered basslines and trap-style drum loops. Influences include goth ethereal wave, shoegaze, noise, early industrial bands as well as DJ Screw via the chopped and screwed technique. Many Witch House artists have released slowed down and backmasked remixes of pop and hip hop songs with a dark distorted sound, calling it "drag" or "zombie rave" mixes.

Some of the most relevant and representative artists are:


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