You - yes, you - can help to grow Aesthetics Wiki! Online aesthetics are crowdsourced, essentially folk art. Your knowledge is valuable to us!

Note: This page is under construction.

Ways to Help

  1. If you have any visual examples of a particular aesthetic (whether you find them around the internet or if you've made it yourself), feel free to share them on their respective pages.
  2. If you have an aesthetic that isn't on the main list, feel free to add it to the list. If it is and you have particular knowledge on an aesthetic, please do share your knowledge on it; there are plenty of entries on the list that could use your knowledge.
  3. For the fashion-related aesthetics, if you know of a particular website that sells clothing related to a particular aesthetic (or if you happen to run a store that specializes in a particular aesthetic), feel free to link to the store on the respective page.
  4. If you know of any examples of a particular aesthetic, feel free to list them on their respective pages. This will help readers get a better idea of a particular aesthetic.
  5. For make-up relating to a particular aesthetic, feel free to show off examples of it on the page (if you have a video tutorial for certain looks, that would be even better).
  6. Musicians who make music for a particular aesthetic on this list are absolutely welcome to post links to their Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Spotify/wherever people can find your music so that people can support you.
  7. If you can think of locations one would want to visit to immerse themselves in a particular aesthetic, feel free to include it on this page.
  8. If you have playlists on Spotify or any other popular music streaming site, feel free to share them on their respective pages.
  9. If you find anything outdated on a page, feel free to update the page with up-to-date information. This includes facts, usernames, playlist names, and anything else you can find.
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