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I'm a filthy, anxiety-riddled internet citizen with an equally dark, self-deprecating, and snarky sense of humor whose personal aesthetics are a seamless blend of aesthetics that has come to now be known as Milleniwave. I've also been known to run with the Ravers (seriously, good people) as well as members of the Synthwave and Vaporwave communities. As the name suggests, I raid tombs on the internet and have a tendency to unearth some really weird stuff for fun, so learning about some of these other new aesthetics is pretty fun for me, and I also like helping people figure out how to take the aesthetics they like and turn it into an aesthetic that is a true extension of themselves, much like Milleniwave is for me. If you need to get in touch with me on Discord, just look for @Sean Strife#3158 in there and I'll see what I can do to help you out.


Hi! Like Countess, I'm just another Gen Z-er with a passion for all kinds of aesthetics! I specifically adore the Lo-Fi aesthetic and genre with all my heart (my playlist on Spotify is over two weeks long)! I'm also very big into Vaporwave, Synthwave, Minimal, Retro-Futurism, and anything 50s-related. If you were to see me in real life, you certainly would not expect me to be an admin here though! In terms of what I do, my work includes all sorts of things to just keep the Wiki tidy. I clean up grammatical errors, expand and professionalize articles, and just all-around keep the place running as smoothly as possible. Often you'll see my edits right after someone else did work on that same page. If you have any questions or concerns at all, you can hit my up on here, reddit (u/Infinityand1089), Discord (Infinity#4342), or email ( I hope you enjoy the wiki!

Tea (TeaOverlord)

Hey there! Like many others on this site, I'm here to learn and refine my knowledge of various topics. Personal aesthetics are a mix of After Hours, Shoegaze, Chaotic Academia, and Witchcore. My job includes helping others with navigation, formatting and adding information, and generally solving community-related issues. If you want to talk something over privately, my Discord is teaOverlord#1658.


Rek (Rekkandevar2)

Heyo, I'm just a guy who likes and makes aesthetics. I'm the creator of the pages for Hydrogen, Atompunk, Reefwave, Sizz and Black-Holed Meme, all of which I think are pretty cool. In real life I'm an almost-college-student who produces music and makes miscellaneous digital things. My job here is to make new pages for new aesthetics and clean up pages that are already here. I plan to make the most of it and hopefully contribute some good stuff.


Thank you for having me! I am currently working on the Principles of Aesthetics entries, indexes, and historical/art history pages. I also created the FAQ, How to Use this Wiki: Research Tips and Comments, Helping You Find Your Aesthetic, 2014-era tumblr, Larme Kei, Fanfare, and Vintage Parisian pages. I am a fan of Larme Kei, Sweet-Classic Lolita, and generally pastel, vintage, feminine things. Another WIP is categorizing everything by levels of recognition, so be sure to check on that soon. Please feel free to add something to any of the entries above.

Hydra (OnlyLadyHydra)

Hi all, I'm Lady Hydra. I'm a soon to be college graduate with a passion for fashion and interior aesthetics for about 10 years now. My purpose in coming to the Wiki initially was to learn more about other aesthetics out there and to be a part of the community. I would say my current role is assisting in reformatting and developing existing pages, as well as keeping track page updates and discussions. My personal fashion aesthetics include Femme Fatale and Chic Modernist, while my other visual and philosophical aesthetics include Pagano-Lovecore, Queencore, Romantic Italian, Northerness, Hellenic and other darker visuals. I am available through Discord at LadyHydra #9810 for assistance, though other mods and admins may be available before I am. Love and light!


Hello! I'm Politeopals, or Opal. I work predominantly on lists, galleries, images, rewrites, and reformatting. My personal aesthetics include Baroque, Royalcore, Fairy Academia, and Bloomcore. I'm new to moderation, so if you're looking for advice for editing or help finding your personal aesthetics, I'd recommend going to the moderators above or our community blog. I try to contribute as often and as well as I possibly can.

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