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Countessboochieflagrante (fairypage)

I created this wiki and sometimes return to add my own input, although the other mods are far more dedicated. I'm a proud Gen Z-er (2001) and love our dedication to this strange, extremely human art of categorizing specific things. The aesthetics I align with most strongly include Fairy Academia and Pagano-Lovecore (because I invented both.... :/)

You can find me blogging at . You can also reach me over email if you have questions about this wiki -  


I'm a filthy, anxiety-riddled internet citizen with an equally dark, self-deprecating, and snarky sense of humor whose personal aesthetics are a seamless blend of Y2K, Synthwave, Glowwave, Lo-Fi, and Vaporwave with some hints of Surreal Memer, Cyberdelic, Nintencore, and Dadaism dashed in (I know, that makes me sound like a pretentious asshole... I promise I'm not pretentious). I've also been known to run in those circles as well as with the Ravers (seriously, good people). As the name suggests, I raid tombs on the internet and have a tendency to unearth some really weird stuff for fun, so learning about some of these other new aesthetics has been kinda cool. If I find any other interesting aesthetics out there in the wild, I'll be sure to add them to this wiki. 


Hi guys! My twin sister and I actually run this account, we will sign off with a "-G" or a "-H" to let you know who is typing.       

Hi! I am the original owner of this account, as well as the firstborn twin. My aesthetic tends to revolve around Kidcore, Scoutcore (invented by me), Nostalgiacore (my favorite shows are the Jeffersons and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), Cottagecore, and a dash of Rainbowcore. I decided to join this wiki because I feel it is extremely important to try to document all these modern art/fashion niches and movements. I also love organizing and documenting important things or events. I really enjoy this wiki and I'm proud to be an admin because I feel this wiki is a vessel for modern arts and fashion. I mainly like to help with articles along with their visuals and answering questions in the comments.-G               

Hello my brothers, sisters and anyone between! My aesthetic is a melting pot of McBling, Vintage Baddie, Vintage, Y2K Baddie, Y2K, Nostalgiacore, Tweencore and Lovecore with an Adro twist.I am a proud 90's-2010's Hip-Hop/R&B fan, and fashion enthusiast. My love for documentation, immaculacy, tech, and all forms of art lead me to become a mod on this Wiki. I will mostly be adding info on fashion and visuals. I look forward to working with/helping you all!-H


Hi! Like Countess, I'm just another Gen Z-er with a passion for all kinds of aesthetics! I specifically adore the Lo-Fi aesthetic and genre with all my heart (my playlist on Spotify is over two weeks long)! I'm also very big into Vaporwave, Synthwave, Minimal, Retro-Futurism, and anything 50s-related. If you were to see me in real life, you certainly would not expect me to be an admin here though! In terms of what I do, my work includes all sorts of things to just keep the Wiki tidy. I clean up grammatical errors, expand and professionalize articles, and just all-around keep the place running as smoothly as possible. Often you'll see my edits right after someone else did work on that same page. If you have any questions or concerns at all, you can hit my up on here, reddit (u/Infinityand1089), Discord (Infinity#4342), or email ( I hope you enjoy the wiki!


Tea (TeaOverlord)

Hey there! Like many others on this site, I'm here to learn and refine my knowledge of various topics. Personal aesthetics are a mix of After Hours, Shoegaze, Chaotic/Grey Academia, and Witchcore. My job includes helping others with navigation, formatting and adding information, and generally solving community-related issues. If you want to talk something over privately, my Discord is teaOverlord#1658.

Rek (Rekkandevar2)

Heyo, I'm just a guy who likes and makes aesthetics. I'm the creator of the pages for Hydrogen, Atompunk, Reefwave, Sizz and Black-Holed Meme, all of which I think are pretty cool. In real life I'm an almost-college-student who produces music and makes miscellaneous digital things. My job here is to make new pages for new aesthetics and clean up pages that are already here. I plan to make the most of it and hopefully contribute some good stuff.

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