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Wholesome Meme is a meme aesthetic based around wholesomeness, love, positivity and happiness. The aesthetic typically consists of cute or funny pre-existing images edited with a massive amount of hearts and overlayed positive and heartwarming phrases, thus, it creates a sense of comfort and joy. The images edited often feature cute fictional characters (such as Kirby, Kermit the Frog, characters from We Bare Bears, etc.), anime characters, Internet memes (such as Doge), cute animals, YouTubers and other well known celebrities. Sometimes pessimistic images are also taken and they are given a different, sympathetic meaning. Wholesome Memes were mainly prevalent in 2018 and 2019, especially within some Instagram and trends such as edits featuring the song Mine by Bazzi.


  • Edits of pre-existing images: Wholesome Memes often take funny and cute pre-existing images, and sometimes they also take slightly pessimistic images and transform them into wholesome ones.
  • Emojis: Emojis are the most important visual in Wholesome Memes, those used are often hearts of various colours, sparkles, and other emojis which radiate happiness and comfort. Heart Emoji crowns also originate from this aesthetic.
  • Positive Phrases: Wholesome Memes often include happy and lovely phrases overlayed in the edits.
  • Filters: Wholesome Memes often use bright colour filters and blur to emphasize a euphoric feeling.
  • Fictional Characters, Memes & Celebrities: Wholesome Memes often feature cute fictional characters from videogames and anime, well known memes (especially memes involving animals), and celebrities such as K-Pop Idols and YouTubers.



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