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Whimsical Coquette, also known as Mystical Coquette, Fairy Coquette, or Ethereal Coquette, combines the Coquette aesthetic, especially the Dollette, Gloomy Coquette, and Coquette Academia subtypes with the Ethereal aesthetics, especially Fairycore. It also draws many similarities to Cottagecore and Princesscore because of the whimsical, fairytale-like elements. Winter Fairy Coquette could be seen as a subtype.


Visuals for Whimsical Coquette are inspired by the visuals for Ethereal/Fairycore, Cottagecore, Royalcore, and sometimes Witchcore/Bubblegum Witch. These include mystical creatures such as sprites, nature imagery, classic romantic literature and fairytales, cottages and castles, gardens, lakes and other natural water sources, altars with pink or red candles and crystals, glitter, animals, insects typically deemed pretty, and more.


Ethereal 90

The fashion for Whimsical Coquette is essentially the same as the other subtypes of Coquette. What seperates it from Fairycore and the other aesthetics its visuals are inspired by and making it still be a coquette aesthetic. There is a specific focus in this subtype for flowing skirts and dresses, floral print, lace, corsets, and glitter.




Bubblegum Witch-Rose Quartz Crystals