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Wetcore is a visual and sensorial aesthetic focused on constant water interaction with human-made environment and objects that would be otherwise assumed to be dry most of the time. Mud, moss, erosion and rust are often related to wet environments, and humans usually avoid to live in places with such things, such are swamps. Still, the aesthetic requires humans or humanmade objects in such conditions.

Wetcore is often, but not limited, to feelings of sadness, decadence and even dispair. However, it can also offer positive feelings of connection with nature.


Wetcore focus on human made or inhabited places and objets that are constantly wet, yet in normal circumstances would be expected to be dry. Styles such as Ocean Academia, Gloomcore or Junglecore are almost always related to wetness and water, but Wetcore is by itself the integration between human lifestyle and wetness as if it was an unavoidable everyday reality.

It does not really matter where the water for the wetness come from. It may be constant rain, wet climate or a nearby water source.

The archetypical city of wetcore is, of course, Venice. Common modern manifestations of Wetcore are, for example, the infamous mud roads of Russia.

There may be some exceptions. For example, the jungle may not be always cool or cold, yet it may be full of Wetcore structure made by natives. Another exception is how most Wetcore environments are often based on freshwater sources, but Venice's water is saltwater.


  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)
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