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Welwitschia Goth is an aesthetic similar to Morute but more gothic; it revolves around things that are creepy but cute. Elements such as bows, butterflies, dresses, dolls, and blood are frequent in Welwitschia Goth imagery.


Welwitschia Goth was popular on sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and DeviantArt, among teens in the Emo and Goth communities who used it in their artwork and layouts.

It was popular roughly between 1999 at the earliest and 2015 at the latest, at the latter half of the 2000s and the 2010s it began being associated with indie horror games and the Creepypasta fandom. The term itself was coined by @flipflapperin on TikTok in early 2023.

These circles were not particularly considered part of the goth subculture, as many followers listened to music with a similar feel but it wasn’t the goth genre.(examples of this include Cradles of Filth and Evanesence)

While there is no current evidence of it being used to actually vent, this aesthetic has also been used to discuss serious or darker topics and is to a degree associated with Dark Fantasy.


Welwitschia Goth is primarily inspired by the gothic and Y2K trends that were popular at the time, but also contrasting with themes of forests, fairytales and death.

Some common elements of Welwitschia Goth are:

  • Butterflies
  • Elements of corporate grunge design
  • Forests, usually with dead trees
  • Fairy wings
  • Flowers
  • Dolls, including those with cracked faces or plush dolls
  • Striped socks or pointy shoes, often both
  • Emo art


TV Shows[]

  • Another (anime)
  • Loveless (anime)
  • Ruby Gloom (cartoon)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica (anime)         


  • Poison Apple
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Video Games[]

  • American McGee's Alice
  • Alice Madness Returns
  • Fran Bow
  • The Path
  • Knock Knock
  • Mariam
  • Don't Starve
  • Fatal Frame
  • Happy Game

Other Media[]

  • Creepypasta
  • Nina the Killer
  • Pinkamena (Cupcakes)
  • Clockwork



  • Nicole Dollanganger
  • Kittie
  • Rasputina
  • Emilie Autumn
  • The Birthday Massacre
  • FAKE TYPE. (Early works)
  • KikuoHana
  • Cake Bake Betty
  • Evanescenece

Music Videos[]


External links to help get a better understanding of this aesthetic.


  • Mystixx Vampires
  • Monster High


  • Hanamushi (Twitter)
  • I can't sleep (Youtube)
  • Nana825763 (Youtube)
  • Katy Towell (Youtube)
  • Zindy (DeviantArt)
  • Asunder (DeviantArt)
  • Tortured-Raven (DeviantArt)
  • phairie82 (DeviantArt)

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