Weirdcore is an aesthetic based on the look and feel of early 2000s internet images. It is supposed to capture the amateur look of the era; they often achieve this by combining amateur photography with virtual visuals, such as text and other elements (shadows, censored areas, etc.). (Please keep in mind that although there is an emphasis on emulating how images on an older internet looked, this does not mean the aesthetic focuses on themes of old web, like Windows 95/XP windows, alert messages, interfaces, etc.)

Thematically, Weirdcore often conveys a feeling of dread, brought forth by it's low quality imagery and a lack of context in regards to the location or the message being shown. This does not mean that Weirdcore is deeply rooted in horror, however, as the feeling of fear left on the viewer is merely a side effect of placing them in an unfamiliar setting. This is purely subjective however, and depends on the viewer as well as the content of an edit; some people might find a Weirdcore image nostalgic or even comforting.


The amateur photography portion of an image is often what is known as a liminal space, an aesthetic that Weirdcore has a strong connection to and often relies on. The virtual part of an image often (but not always) manifests itself in the form of plain looking text which conveys a message that is incomplete or out of context, thus leaving the viewer to ask questions and make their own interpretations in regards to the meaning of the statement presented to them (Keep in mind that text is not a necessary part of Weirdcore). It is important to know, however, that both of these "portions'' of Weirdcore do not need to be present simultaneously to make a good image; for example, a Weirdcore image may be constructed exclusively out of virtual elements and could still be categorized as such. The same applies to amateur photography, but regardless of how the process of creating Weirdcore is approached, the images should still aim to put the viewer in an unfamiliar and, occasionally, somewhat hostile context.


Currently, the exact origins of Weirdcore are unknown, but may go as far back as the early 2010s; It has recently been determined that the earliest Weirdcore edit with a confirmed date of creation was made in 2017, but there could be earlier examples out there that remain unknown.

The genre started to pick up popularity when a YouTuber by the name of DavidCrypt uploaded a video explaining the Weirdcore aesthetic. Whilst there are popular Weirdcore creators, it is often hard to find the most popular or the origins of the content and creators, as most current Weirdcore content is uploaded to Tumblr, which doesn't show follower counts.


  • Soup 0.9 Soundtrack
  • Yume Nikki OST
  • Earthbound OST
  • Half-Life and Portal series OSTs
  • Cyriak
  • Petscop OST
  • pilotredsun
  • Aphex Twin
  • Boards of Canada
  • Ørdop Wolkenscheidt


  • Soup 0.9
  • Yume Nikki
  • .flow
  • LSD Dream Emulator
  • Roly-Poly Nanakorobi Yaoki


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