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Wedding, marriage or nuptials are terms referring to a religious or civil ceremony, through which the beginning of marriage is celebrated. Generally, a wedding is a rite that formalizes the union between two people before an external authority that regulates and regulates the procedure, which generates contractual commitments or legal obligations according to the legislation between the parties or contracting parties.

The ceremony is made up of several parts, which vary depending on the rite, the most common in the Western world are: presentation before the authority (priest, judge, mayor, etc.), express manifestation of the couple as it constitutes the contractual relationship and the exchange of rings. After the service, a banquet is usually held. Notwithstanding this, there are also unconventional ceremonies for couples who do not wish or are not in a position to access a traditional ceremony (civil or religious).

The couple also often adjusts the theme of the wedding to fit into their personal aesthetic. Wedding magazines and blogs codified many common wedding aesthetics that largely depend on the couple's region of where they live, personal taste, shared interests, etc.




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