Essentially consisting of screencaps and gifs, webcore is an aesthetic utilising traditional web design elements combined with aspects of poetry and self-expression. This also includes GIFs, video games, and clip-art. This aesthetic mainly exists for the sake of nostalgia for late 1990s and early 2000s internet culture.

Webcore's philosophical heart yearns for the days of uninhibited individualism of the old web, before the internet became streamlined and social media monopolized how people communicated, and web graphic design developed a stricter set of rules for the "dos" and "don'ts" for the sake of accessibility and marketing.


Many webcore screencaps and gifs come from archived geocities websites made by amateur coders and animators. The limited nature of the internet contributed to old web graphics being a bit rough around the edges. Harsh website design choices, clunky animations, and pixel art are all defining traits of the old web aesthetic.


Hobbies & Activities

Some potential activities and hobbies of the Webcore aesthetics include going to old webpages and using old avatar chat programs (like the infamous; an old chatting program that is largely abandoned these days save for a dedicated group of people who act like a Satanic cult to mess with newcomers who come in). For those REALLY adventurous individuals in Webcore, there's always traveling the Deep Web, but be careful where you go on the Deep Web lest you stumble upon some potentially illegal content (though, to dispel the myths, no, not every website on the deep web is a hub for illegal pornography, hiring hitmen, and buying drugs, there are plenty of innocent sites on the Deep Web).


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