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Disclaimer: Do not be a creep, troll, bully, etc. on the internet. This is about creepy things on the internet, the dark web, and the overall mysterious and creepy content of the internet. This does not condone bullying or harassment on the internet of any kind.

Web Creep is an aesthetic based around a mixture of multiple different aesthetics, but most notably Cryptidcore, Adventurecore, and After Hours. It's inspired primarily through mysteries, true crime stories, creepy pastas, and any horror or scary content originating on the internet. For better context, imagine looking through the r/nosleep subreddit on a dark rainy night, or going on a deep dive on a urban legend or serial killer from your home town. It takes adventure and monster hunting, and applies it to web surfing and rabbit holes.

There is also a lean towards computer science which can be anything in the field, such as software development, hacking, etc. The dark web can also be included in this aesthetic, but do so at your own risk. Otherwise, just having some kind of fascination with internet deep dives, iceberg charts, or niche video essays fit into this aesthetic as well.

Most people who fit this aesthetic are night owls, have a fascination with disturbing things, and prefer casual and comfy clothing. Similar to cryptid core, there is a desire to learn and research the oddities of the internet.

Rabbit Holes[]

Please note, some of these pages have disturbing and mature content. It may not be suitable for all readers. Please go at your own discretion, read at your own risk. There is a mix of fiction and non fiction below. Happy surfing!


There is an emphasis on night and simply sitting and reading.

  • The light from a computer screen in a dark or dimly lit room
  • Soft noise of computer fans
  • Bedroom with blankets all over the bed
  • Polaroid photos on the wall
  • Notebook with thoughts from cold cases
  • A mug of tea or coffee on the desk
  • Cozy pajamas and undereye circles
  • A clock on the that desks reads 1:04 am