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Warmcore is an aesthetic that is related to Cottagecore, Naturecore and other nature/farm-related aesthetics. The aesthetic related to things at make a person feel warm and fuzzy inside, with a hint of nostalgia. Warmcore aesthetics usually warm, bright lighting over a usually nature centered aesthetic. Its nostalgic quality can come from visuals just blurred or warm enough to feel slightly like happy memories.

The aesthetic is especially springy or summery, with bits of early fall.


Warmcore exhibits a wide array of warm colors, notably marigold orange, golden yellows, cream, tan, white, and light greens. Photos use these colors as well as blurred or warm-tinted filters to create the nostalgic, warm feeling present in the aesthetic.

Nature plays a great part in warmcore. Wide, open fields, flower gardens, forests, and hilled plains are common settings. Sunshine and bright, direct light areas also contribute to the warm of warmcore.


Warmcore fashion consists of flowy dresses, floral prints, blouses, comfy and, obviously, warm clothes. Summery outfits fit into this aesthetic as well. Fashion inspiration is similar to Cottagecore and Grandparentcore.





The activities relating to Warmcore all connect to having fun and feeling happy and nostalgic. This can mean many things to the individual, but some common activities are:

  • Admiring nature
  • Running through fields
  • Baking
  • Photography
  • Climbing trees