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Vulture culture is an online subculture and form of hobbyist taxidermy based on the collection and preservation of animal remains. It takes its name from the practice of working with animals that have died of natural causes, as opposed to hunting or trapping. Specimens are commonly acquired from roadkill or found in woodland areas. Practitioners, (called "vultures"), may choose to preserve an entire animal, body parts, pelts, or bones. Several methods are used to enhance the appearance of pieces; including dying, crystallization, and diaphonization; making jewelry from smaller bones or paws is also popular. In addition to taxidermy, vultures create art featuring skulls and themes of decay. The online community largely consists of the sharing and selling of work, and exchanging advice and stories. Some vultures incorporate the hobby into their spiritual or occult practices.


  • Skulls
  • Pinned insects
  • Dead trees
  • Wildflowers, mushrooms, moss
  • Glass jars
  • Curio cabinets
  • Pelts
  • Wet specimens
  • Taxidermy