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Voidpunk is a punk subculture that is centered around the idea of reclaiming dehumanization or demonization faced as a marginalized minority, whether directly or indirectly. Its focus on embracing what society says isn't human enough which leads voidpunks to rejecting humanity due to how exclusive and narrow minded it is.[2][3] This of course led voidpunk to be inherently inclusive of everyone there who is acting in good faith, so it is the opposite of humanityTM in that way.

Within the voidpunk subculture you will find that being seen as inhuman is fully embraced, even leading many to fantasize about physically being non-human. This leads to why voidpunk is popular among alterhumans as they are not human on a non-physical level despite having human bodies. Voidpunk is popular among those who are LGBTQ+ as well, especially in aromantic and asexual spaces. However it is not exclusive to those of a-spec orientations. Anyone who is a part of a dehumanized group can be voidpunk whether for the color of one's skin, ethnicity, orientation, gender, sex, neurological type, etc.[4][5]

Arotaro, the creator of voidpunk, put it best: "It's, well, punk. Society puts out a lot of messages about What It Means To Be HumanTM that can make a lot of people who don’t completely fit the bill feel lost, broken, alone, or like they’re doing something wrong; Voidpunk is about taking that message of "you're not human", making it your own, and throwing it back in society’s face. You say I’m not human? Sure, ok. That’s chill. Why does being Human™ have to be a goal to aspire to anyway? What’s so great about humanity?"[6][7]

Common Aesthetics & Fashion[]

Voidpunk itself does not have an aesthetic, rather it emulates others.[8][9] There is, to note, one does not have to fit into any aesthetic associated with voidpunk because that is not what voidpunk is. One can be voidpunk and appear in a normcore or kidcore style for example. Continuing, colors associated with the subculture include cooler tones such as: greens, blues, and purple. Blacks and whites are common as well. Some aesthetics one may find being embraced within the voidpunk subculture would include: glitchcore, weirdcore, dreamcore, surrealism, kenopsia, space, sci-fi, cryptidcore, and many more.

When it comes to the more fashion side of voidpunk, many just adapt what they feel gives off the inhuman feeling or otherworldly things they may relate to. Things such as:

  • Heavy makeup (ex: face-paint, unnatural colors...)
  • Stick-on accessories (ex: sequins, glitter, jewels...)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Alien-esque clothing
  • Holographic clothing (see Holosexual)
  • Eccentric clothing combinations
  • Abstract art in makeup or clothing

None of these things of course are required at all to be voidpunk. These are just some things that voidpunks may do as an expression of their voidpunkness.

Art & Music[]

The Flag[]

The main voidpunk flag was created by simeleons on Tumblr on October 28th, 2018. It has five stripes and a black dot in the center, the middle stripe wraps around it. The first stripe is a dark purple which represents asexuality, the second is a lavender color that is for aromantism, the middle stripe is white and represents the unity of the community. The next stripe is this green that is for non-binary individuals and the last stripe is a dark green that is meant to represent neurodivergence.[10][11]

A second flag was made by ConfusedAsHecc on Reddit in January of 2023. It was created to have a more inclusive meaning behind it. The top stripe is a purple color that represents binary transgender people, non-binary people, and intersex individuals. The second stripe is a darker purple that is for neurodiversity and physically disabled people. The middle stripe is black, representing the reclamation of dehumanization. This flag also has a dot in the center but this one is white, it represents unity and community. The following stripe is a dark teal that represents racial and ethnic minorities. The last stripe is a light teal that represents aromantics, asexuals, and queer individuals that do feel romantic and sexual attraction.[12][13]


When it comes to the more artistic side of voidpunk many create what are called voidsonas. A voidsona is a persona that is of voidpunk quality. Typically, voidsonas are a projection of oneself as a literal non-human entity and can look however the designer so chooses. Voidsonas can be abstract, monstrous, ghostly, or strange.[14][15] Although voidsonas are popular to make, they are not a requirement.[8][9]


Although there is no music that inherently voidpunk, there are songs that may resonate with those who are. Some examples are:

  • Monster by dodie
  • Circus Monster by Circus-P
  • The Mind Electric by Miracle Musical
  • Cradles by Sub Urban
  • Emotional Machine by MARINA
  • Eighth Wonder by Lemon Demon
  • Stuff Is Way by They Might Be Giants
  • Unfit For Humanity by Harufuri
  • Weirdos by Blitzkid
  • Yes, to Err is Human, So Don't Be One by Will Wood
  • The Chattering Lack of Common Sense by GHOST and Pals
  • Annihilation by Crucifix

With that, many voidpunks have also created playlists to communicate these feelings. These include:


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