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Voidpunk is a subculture among dehumanized groups that is normally described as the rejection of the human identity, and embracing being nonhuman. Both go along with applying those concepts to one's self, as a way of getting back at the dehumanization society has applied to them.[1] While these are popular descriptors of the subculture, it is also up to the person's and community's personal perspective and experiences to describe Voidpunk.[2]

It is exclusively for groups and individuals who face dehumanization from society.[3] Some groups included in that experience are ace- and arospec people, nonbinary people, neurodivergent people, disabled people, and many more.[4]


Many voidpunk aesthetic images use black, white, and cool tones like greens, blues, and purples, though yellows are sometimes found as well. Some followers of voidpunk create 'voidsonas', characters/designs that represent their experiences and personal concept of being voidpunk. Popular themes in voidsonas, as well as in general with the aesthetic, are space/aliens, robots/technological entities, glitching and distortion, mythological creatures/cryptids, extra dimensionality, and the general feeling of something being Other. However, voidpunk has no one specific interpretation and is much more about how one approaches the concept through their own unique perspective and life experiences that allow them to identify with it.


Voidpunk is apart of the neopronouns subculture, which is often related to the "System" subculture majorly consisting of minors, and younger adults that pretend/showcase their disorder in ways that romanticize the disorder, in itself is own rabbit hole.


Voidpunk is a visual aesthetic, not necessarily a fashion-based aesthetic. However, themes of voidpunk can be adapted into fashion.

  • Heavy makeup (ex. face-paint, unnatural colours)
  • Stick-on accessories (sequins, glitter, jewels)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Alien-esque clothing
  • Holographic clothing (see Holosexual)
  • Eccentric clothing combinations
  • Abstract art in makeup or clothing



  • Monster by dodie
  • Circus Monster by Circus-P
  • The Mind Electric by Miracle Musical
  • Cradles by Sub Urban
  • Emotional Machine by MARINA
  • Eighth Wonder by Lemon Demon
  • Stuff Is Way by They Might Be Giants




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