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Void-Memes are memes involving void, or unsettling edits, of a popular meme or video, usually involving earrape.


Void-Memes are remix videos which transforms the subject or main focus of a video clip into a red tinted monster with eerie and high pitched audio as background

This type of meme is made by using a technique called Glitch Horror Editing, and may use a mix of Internet screaming and zalgo memes.[1]


Void-Memes were first introduced on May 7, 2017, when a user known as Grymice uploaded a video called "Kanye West Glitch Meme", in where Kanye West, a famous rapper, was Datamoshed in mid sentence before high pitched audio could be heard.[2] 2 months later on July 26, 2017, A youtuber by the name of Hibiki uploaded a video called "Hey apple. what? V O I D", in which the Annoying Orange turns into a monster, which is present in most void memes.


Void Comics

Void Comics are a subgenre of void memes which ads the horror element present in void memes in Rage Comics and other comics like it