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Note: This article is an educational tool intended to improve the understanding of aesthetics. It is not about a particular aesthetic.

Visuals are images that comprise an aesthetic. Humans naturally create memories and connotations with imagery due to personal experience, consuming fiction, and looking at photos and reading accounts of others' experiences. These images evoke complex emotions and feelings of beauty when looked at. This emotional process is often subconscious and subjective, with every person having their interpretation and preferences. Images are then connected to others as they can coexist within the same space and situation; have relevance within a person or community's experience; and have similar visual qualities with each other. This category is very broad and includes locations, activities, artistic works, and objects. For clothing, see Fashion.

This "web" of related images with emotional value is what an aesthetic is. As there are millions of objects in the universe, these webs are a small sliver of what the world is and does not need to involve all of the categories below.

Historical, Social, & Regional Context

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Fictional, Alternate Worlds & Afterlife

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Note that this section is largely Northern Hemisphere-centric

Seasons are different periods of the year that have different temperatures, weather patterns, and associated activities that come from tradition and practical uses such as harvests and storms.

Time of Day

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Stages of Life

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Buildings & Architecture

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Activities are actions that people repeatedly do. There is a broad range of these, but aesthetic groups tend to focus on the ones that can be romanticized, are enjoyable, or have complex emotional significance. People who are within certain aesthetic groups would pursue doing these activities because of enjoyment in the activity, a desire to improve, or an appreciation for aesthetic value. However, certain activities that are self-destructive, such as hurting others or engaging in pedophilia, can be romanticized.

People in groups tend to enjoy the activity first and then become involved in aesthetic communities, as the reverse could lead to feeling unable to fit in or unhappiness.

Examples of activities include reading, gardening, being with friends, creating art, and trespassing.

Living Beings


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Multiple humans can also be considered a part of aesthetics because of their different traits that convey different visual qualities. Models and different celebrities are the most popular.


Home Decoration

Home decoration is one of the ways that people express their aesthetic due to the desire to make the space comfortable, reflect the person living there, and spark a sense of joy.


Food is a part of multiple aesthetics due to the cultural connotations of different dishes and the context in which they are consumed.


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