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Virgo's Tears is an aesthetic formed around the small, frail flower, and the grand, nigh-infinite cosmos, and the natural beauty between their distinct difference, as well as mystical uses of both, such as tarot. The art also has a philosophical tone along with the feeling of understanding and appreciation of togetherness, the goal of growing into the bright bloom we want to be, to change and grow, to live a life full of our own beauty, inside and out. There is also an urge to surround oneself with friends and help them grow and bloom as well; out-of-body experiences and ideals that connect many facets of your personality give a wider spectrum of perspective, as opposed to the simplicity of a single.


Fashion consists of many layers and/or strange arrangements, whether as a wildflower, or a carefully cultivated bloom, the end goal is to find ones natural beauty and express it outward. This may include mixing clothing items that may pertain to other aesthetics such as Bloomcore and Spacecore, Witchcore and Synthwave, or another mix; or showing a style that may seem unorthodox or unnatural to other types of fashion and clothing.


  • Impractical revealing clothing (ex. crop tops with long sleeves that reveal the shoulders)
  • Mesh crop tops/mesh shirts
  • Glitter makeup
  • Space-themed clothing/makeup
  • Star/planet themed jewelry
  • Flower-themed clothing/makeup that has space colours
  • Hair accessories (ex. butterflies, flowers, stars, & planets)
  • Translucent dresses and robes
  • Marabou robes


Virgo's Tears is not a music-based aesthetic; however, there are multiple songs, albums, and artists that have music that fit with the aesthetic's values.

  • Planet Her (Album by Doja Cat)
  • Love + Fear (Album by MARINA)
  • Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land (Album by MARINA)
  • Test Me (Song by Melanie Martinez)
  • Genki Rockets



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