Aesthetics Wiki

Villaincore is an aesthetic which encompasses being yourself and doing everything in your power to get what you want, by any means necessary. This, for example, might be becoming rich or famous, or getting revenge on someone who's wronged you.


Villaincore visuals usually revolve around darkness and the passion you carry for reaching your goal. Visuals may also include having an evil lair.


Villaincore fashion can involve any clothing suitable for , you are your own ruler and you deserve to look like your own ruler.

Villaincore outfits don't need to conform with what people think royalty looks like, wear whatever feels right, whatever makes you feel like a king or queen, what makes you feel like the one in control.

Some suggestions though, could be:

  • Leather clothes
  • Heeled boots or buckled boots
  • Labcoats or trenchcoats
  • Striped clothing
  • Ripped jeans
  • Black nail polish
  • Goggles

Note: Of course, instead of buying clothing specially made for a villain, you can, and are encouraged in creating and customizing clothing for yourself.

Online clothing stores

Note: If you know any online stores which sell clothing specifically clothing for villaincore or anything like it, please help by adding them here. Thank you!

  • Etsy is a good online store for most anything.
  • Ravenreign is an online store that is focused around punk and gothic like styles. It sells clothing, shoes and even jewelry, and they ship for free worldwide.