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The "Vanilla Girl" aesthetic refers to a popular cultural phenomenon that emerged in the early 2020s and gained significant traction on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. It embodies a lifestyle and visual aesthetic characterized by simplicity, nostalgia, and a gentle, feminine appeal. The aesthetic is characterized by a minimalist style that revolves around wearing predominantly white and cream shades. This aesthetic extends beyond fashion and encompasses a whole lifestyle focused on comfort and luxury. The trend embraces neutral palette wardrobe essentials, barely-there makeup looks, scented candles, and cozy bedding. The aim is to achieve a natural, yet styled and minimalistic appearance. When executed effectively, the simplistic look can have a transformative effect, as exemplified by the styling in Netflix's "The Watcher", particularly with Naomi Watts' character, Nora Brannock.


The "Vanilla Girl" aesthetic is a style that gained popularity on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, characterized by a soft, natural, and effortless look. It emerged around the mid-2010s but gained significant traction in the late 2010s and early 2020s.

The aesthetic draws inspiration from simplicity, femininity, and a nostalgic vibe, often featuring elements like soft pastel colors, vintage clothing, natural makeup, and a focus on self-care. It embraces a minimalist approach to fashion, often incorporating basic wardrobe staples like white tops, denim jeans, flowy dresses, and cozy knitwear.

The term "Vanilla Girl" comes from the idea of embracing a plain or basic lifestyle that's grounded in classic tastes. It's about finding beauty in simplicity and cultivating a sense of comfort and ease in one's appearance and surroundings. This aesthetic emphasizes a down-to-earth, relatable image, promoting a wholesome and approachable vibe.

Social media influencers and content creators played a significant role in popularizing this aesthetic by curating visually appealing content that resonated with many young people seeking a more relaxed and natural style. It continues to evolve with new trends and variations while remaining rooted in its core values of simplicity, natural beauty, and a laid-back attitude.


The "Vanilla Girl" aesthetic, despite its popularity, has faced some criticism:

  • Lack of Diversity: Critics argue that the aesthetic often promotes a narrow and homogeneous standard of beauty, focusing primarily on a specific look that may not represent the diversity of people's appearances and styles.
  • Reinforcement of Stereotypes: Some view the aesthetic as reinforcing traditional gender norms and stereotypes by emphasizing a particular feminine ideal, potentially excluding individuals who don't fit into this mold.
  • Consumerism and Materialism: There's criticism regarding the consumerist nature of the aesthetic, as it often revolves around purchasing specific clothing, beauty products, and lifestyle items to fit the desired image, leading to excessive consumption and materialism.
  • Unattainable Standards: The curated images and lifestyle portrayed through social media may create unrealistic standards of beauty and lifestyle, leading to feelings of inadequacy or pressure to conform to a certain aesthetic.
  • Lack of Authenticity: There's a perception that the aesthetic promotes an overly curated and filtered version of reality, potentially fostering inauthenticity and a disconnect between the presented image and real-life experiences.

Criticism of the "Vanilla Girl" aesthetic often revolves around its potential to exclude diversity, reinforce stereotypes, and contribute to materialistic ideals that might not align with everyone's values or experiences.

Similar Aesthetics[]

  • Minimalism: The focus on simplicity, clean lines, and a neutral color palette aligns with the minimalist aesthetic. Both emphasize the beauty of simplicity and understated elegance.
  • Clean Girl: The clean girl aesthetic focuses on a minimalist and fresh approach to beauty and fashion. It embraces natural-looking makeup, glowing skin, and simple hairstyles. Clean girl fashion often includes clean-cut and well-fitted clothing in neutral tones, similar to the "vanilla girl" aesthetic's preference for white and cream shades. Both aesthetics prioritize a clean and polished appearance while maintaining an effortless and natural vibe. The emphasis on simplicity, minimalism, and a fresh-faced look connects the "vanilla girl" trend and the clean girl aesthetic.
  • Softie: The "vanilla girl" trend shares some similarities with the soft girl aesthetic, particularly in its emphasis on pastel colors and a gentle, feminine aesthetic. However, the "vanilla girl" trend tends to have a more refined and mature approach.
  • Natural Beauty: The focus on achieving a natural and effortless appearance aligns with the natural beauty aesthetic. Both prioritize enhancing one's features subtly and embracing a more understated and authentic look.
  • Classy Chic: The pursuit of comfort and luxury in the "vanilla girl" trend resonates with the classy chic aesthetic. Both emphasize sophistication, elegance, and a timeless sense of style.


The "Vanilla Girl" aesthetic is characterized by visuals that evoke a sense of simplicity, nostalgia, and softness. Here are some key visual elements associated with this aesthetic:

    1. Soft Pastel Colors: Soft, muted hues like blush pink, lavender, baby blue, mint green, and cream dominate the color palette. These colors create a gentle and calming atmosphere.
    2. Vintage and Timeless Fashion: Flowy dresses, denim jeans, oversized sweaters, and basic white tops are staples. Vintage or retro-inspired pieces, floral patterns, and delicate fabrics contribute to the aesthetic.
    3. Natural and Effortless Makeup: Subtle makeup with a focus on natural features. Soft blush, light eyeshadow, and natural-looking lip colors are common. The emphasis is on enhancing one's features without appearing overly made-up.
    4. Cozy and Comfortable Settings: Visuals often feature cozy spaces with elements like fairy lights, soft blankets, vintage decor, and indoor plants. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
    5. Nostalgic Imagery: Imagery that evokes feelings of nostalgia, such as Polaroid-style photos, vintage film effects, or scenes reminiscent of past eras, contributes to the aesthetic's appeal.
    6. Minimalist and Clean Aesthetics: Simple and uncluttered spaces with clean lines and minimalist decor. This includes neutral-toned furniture, simple geometric shapes, and natural materials like wood and rattan.
    7. Nature and Natural Beauty: Scenes incorporating nature, such as fields of flowers, gentle landscapes, or outdoor picnics, are often part of the aesthetic, celebrating the beauty of the natural world.
    8. Wholesome and Relatable Imagery: Images that depict everyday moments of simplicity, such as enjoying a cup of tea, reading a book, or spending time with loved ones, are common. These emphasize a relatable and down-to-earth lifestyle. These visual elements collectively contribute to the "Vanilla Girl" aesthetic, creating a cohesive and inviting visual narrative that embodies simplicity, nostalgia, and a gentle femininity.


Celebrities & Influencers[]

Several celebrities and influencers align with aspects of the "Vanilla Girl" aesthetic in their style, content, or public image. Here are a few who have been associated with or have showcased elements of this aesthetic:

  1. Emma Chamberlain: Known for her casual and relatable content, Chamberlain's fashion choices and laid-back approach to life resonate with elements of the Vanilla Girl aesthetic. (@emmachamberlain)
  2. Ariana Grande: While her style is diverse, Grande has been seen embracing soft pastel colors, vintage-inspired looks, and a more relaxed, natural appearance that occasionally aligns with the aesthetic. (@arianagrande)
  3. Rosalía: The Spanish singer often incorporates vintage elements and soft, feminine styles into her fashion choices, occasionally embracing aspects of the Vanilla Girl aesthetic in her visuals. (@rosalialivevocals)
  4. Taylor Swift: Swift has been seen embracing a softer, more understated look in recent years, occasionally incorporating pastel colors and vintage-inspired fashion into her style. (@taylorswift)
  5. Haley Pham: A YouTuber and content creator whose fashion and lifestyle content often reflects aspects of the Vanilla Girl aesthetic, focusing on simplicity, natural beauty, and relatable experiences. (@haleypham)
  6. Ella Aesthetic: A social media influencer known for her pastel-hued aesthetic, soft photography, and content centered around cozy, comforting vibes that resonate with the Vanilla Girl aesthetic. (@ellaaesthetics_)
  7. Sananas: This French beauty influencer often embodies elements of the aesthetic through her makeup choices, occasionally embracing a softer, more natural look in her content. (@sananas2106)
  8. Lucy Williams: A fashion influencer known for her minimalist yet chic style that sometimes incorporates elements of the Vanilla Girl aesthetic, focusing on simplicity and timeless fashion choices. (@lucywilliams02)
  9. Molly-Mae Hague: A reality TV personality known for her appearance on the UK's "Love Island," has a style that often incorporates elements of the Vanilla Girl aesthetic. She frequently showcases a mix of soft pastel colors, minimalistic fashion choices, and a laid-back yet stylish approach in her content and public appearances. (@mollymae)

These individuals may not exclusively embody the Vanilla Girl aesthetic but have showcased elements of it in their fashion choices, content, or public personas, contributing to its popularization and influence across various platforms.