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Vacation Dadcore is a style aesthetic focusing on Hawaiian prints, socks and sandals, wide-brim hats, tan lines and that relaxing vacation lifestyle. The aesthetic stems from the low effort, comfortable but also practical style commonly worn by dads on holiday. Each dad is different and thus the aesthetic is diverse; polo shirts, button-downs or even vests are all well within the Vacation Dadcore aesthetic, as it only truly is Vacation Dadcore if you don't really care what you're wearing and just want to get a tan.


The Vacation Dadcore was inspired from the Miami beach movement circa 1974, and as a result, most of its imagery is stolen from this era; a time of handlebar moustaches and glorious shirts.

The '70s kids that didn't let this style die brought socks and sandals to the scene for the '90s, beige-en-ing the palette whilst keeping the style of the flower necklaces and aviators.

Popular imagery associated with Vacation Dadcore includes blue oceans, wide sandy beaches, little huts selling booze at like 10 am. Palm trees and cruise-liners in the distance. Hawaiian shirts, distinct tan lines paired with bushy moustaches, and late-night bowling alleys.

Other popular Vacation Dadcore vibes include:


This man's living the Vacation Dadcore dream in his Hawaiian Classic attire.

Think of 70s detective on a poolside holding his 9th piña colada, emulate this.

Here are some simple outfits you can try at home:

The Hawaiian Classic:

  • A bright Hawaiian shirt of your choice
  • A kick-ass moustache
  • Anything else can go!

    Lance stepping off his daddies yacht in typical Yacht Dad.

The Disney Dad:

  • Mickey mouse ears
  • Very large camera
  • White trainers
  • Beige/tan cargo shorts

The 70s Cop:

  • The Hawaiian Classic
  • Aviators
  • A tucked in Hawaiian shirt
  • Blue jeans

The Yacht Dad:

  • Polo shirt
  • Woollen jumper wrapped around the neck
  • Sunglasses

Socks and sandals. Blue background not essential.

The Drinking Buddy:

  • Tattoos (if you have them)
  • A White vest/cutoff tucked in
  • Jeans with a cool belt
  • Boots

The Latin American Dad:

  • A Guayabera
  • Loose linen dress pants
  • A Panama hat
  • Loafers

Optional Items:

  • Socks and sandals
  • A Beard to go with the moustache
  • A Boozy cocktail in hand
  • A Sleek fanny pack

Hawaiian patterns for reference

Vacation Dadcore Vendors



Vacation Dadcore has no set genre of music but has more of a feeling associated with music; the songs must relax you and pair well with an alcoholic beverage but should be easy to dance to.

The Dad of Rock, aka the King of Rock. Elvis Presley's Blue Hawaii soundtrack.

Examples of artists:


Here are a couple Vacation Dadcore playlists to make you feel like Tom Selleck cruising in his iconic Ferrari 308.


An avid Vacation Dadcore follower trying to stay cool in these hot summer months.

Some popular Vacation Dadcore activities include:

  • Sipping a cold one
  • Hangin' by the pool
  • Chillin' on the beach
  • Making some Boozy Cocktails (see below)
  • Looking around Art Galleries, Museums and Zoos
  • Playing cards by the sea
  • Going to bars
  • Trying on new Hawaiian shirts
  • Growing a kick-ass moustache
  • Always leave before sunrise
  • Taking videos you will never rewatch
  • Always order your food in the language of the country you're in (even if you don't actually speak it). Repeat it if they don't understand
  • Haggling for prices
  • Chowing down of some delicious Chinese food
  • Getting hydrated from a juicy watermelon

Boozy Cocktails

Fun to make, better to drink!

Please drink responsibly and don't drink if you are underage.


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