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VSCO Preppy (also known as TikTok Preppy) is an aesthetic that is focused on bright colors, like pink and blue, and animal patterns like cheetah, giraffe & leopard pattern. It is popular among Gen Z and teenage girls on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and Roblox and could be described as trendy, cheerful and luxurious.

It is commonly confused with Softies or Preppy itself, a college subculture from the northeastern United States.


The VSCO Preppy visual aesthetic is influenced by the VSCO and Preppy aesthetics, hence the Preppy part of their name. VSCO Preppies tend to associate The Evil Eye with their outfits as well; but do not usually know the true religious meaning behind it. Common motifs and patterns include but are not limited to:

  • Pastel and bright colors
  • Animal print (cheetah, leopard, giraffe)
  • Brand logos and patterns such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Prada
  • Roller Rabbit patterns (especially the pink monkey)
  • Tie-dye
  • Cowgirl hats
  • Stars
  • Lightning bolts
  • Smiley faces
  • Hearts
  • Evil Eye
  • Decorative patches
  • Floral print (especially skirts)
  • Ruffles (sleeves and skirts)
  • Stripes (Aviator Nation sweatpants)

Social media-worthy pictures are edited using the Coogee Filter (from the app Colortone), presets from Adobe Lightroom or the app called "VSCO". On TikTok, they usually use the "Brew" or "California" filter.


Popular clothing pieces from brands like Aviator Nation, LoveShackFancy, and Roller Rabbit can be inaccessible to the average teenage girl due to their high price, so knockoffs and dupes from stores (often of the fast fashion variety) like SheIn are popular. Hundreds of shops catering to the VSCO Preppy aesthetic popped up on Etsy during the pandemic, but many items which sellers claim to make themselves are actually purchased cheaply from Aliexpress.

Girls generally wear:

DRESSES AND SKIRTS: Beachy/boho dresses/skirts with animal/floral print and/or frilly decorations like tassels, pompoms, and ruffles.

SHIRTS/TOPS: They use cami tops, crop tops, bishop sleeved shirts, lettuce edge shirts, baggy T-shirts (which they pair with shorts), sweatshirts, etc. They also like wearing Lululemon tank tops and shirts for exercise, specifically the Swiftly Tech tops and the Align Tanks.

PANTS: They wear plain jeans and patterned jeans (with hearts, stars, lightning bolts, etc. printed on to the jeans). These are matched with fancy tops or plain camis. On the casual side, Lululemon leggings in all colors are also popular. They also wear sweatpants, mainly from brands like Aviator Nation and Free City. For people who go to summer camps, hard tail shorts are also popular.

HOODIES/SWEATERS: They use hoodies with smiley faces, lightning bolts etc. Hoodies from Aviator Nation, MadHappy, and Urban Outfitters are very popular. The colors of the hoodie tend to be white, hot pink, cyan/teal and sometimes black or navy.

SHOES/HEELS: They almost always wear Nike Air Forces, Steve Madden sandals and Golden Goose shoes, but on more casual occasions, they like Birkenstocks.

BAGS: They almost always use Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Marc Jacobs Bags, including the Marc jacobs tote, camera bag, Louis Vuitton Alma Bag, and the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag. They also use Chanel Bags, but that is more rare. For travel, Stoney Clover Lane pouches are popular with patches. Lululemon belt bags are also extremely popular among preppies, typically in black or white and occasionally in hot pink.

JEWELRY: They wear gold necklaces with lightning bolts and hearts, bracelets such as charm bracelets with the Evil Eye on them and they also wear anklets. Sometimes, they make their own jewelry with clay disc beads. They also like Tiffany and Co. jewelry, or other luxury brands such as Cartier.

GLASSES: They sometimes use plastic heart shaped glasses mostly in the shade of pink or hot pink. They also use sunglasses frequently from various high end brand such as Ray Bans.

PAJAMAS: Roller Rabbit prints are the most popular, like monkeys, Hathi elephants, heart prints, and more. Another popular brand that emerged with the community is Eberjey and PJ Salvage.

VSCO Preppy is not to be confused with Softies. There is no section for the male counterpart because they are not as popular and are rare to find, so not much is known about them.


Food tends to be luxurious food that can be purchased in a restaurant. They sometimes eat fast foods and foods from local shops. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Colorful drinks & ice coffee from Starbucks
  • Donuts
  • Ice cream with lots of colorful sprinkles
  • La Croix
  • Pancakes
  • Pasta with lots of marinara sauce
  • Pizza
  • Pressed Juicery
  • Waffles
  • Sushi
  • Fresh fruit


Preppy girls love to listen to summer music and pop music, but it's really up to the individual. Some people choose to use the following songs in their TikTok audios:

  • Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo
  • One Kiss by Dua Lipa
  • Levitating by Dua Lipa
  • Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado
  • Begging by Måneskin
  • Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae
  • Flashing Lights by Kanye West
  • Style by Taylor Swift

Pop artists:

  • The Weeknd
  • Kanye West
  • Olivia Rodrigo
  • Dua Lipa
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Rihanna
  • Taylor Swift


They love to hang out with their best friends at the beach & pool. They also go shopping with their friends.

Preppies like to meet new people and make new friends, and enjoy traveling to places such as Miami, the Hamptons, East Coast, SoCal/LA, NYC, Hawaii & Aspen.

Preppy VSCO's also like to share their lifestyle on social media such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok. A common type of TikTok they frequently post is a Showertok, where they film the products they use along with their bath routine. This also overlaps with the Softies aesthetic.

They like to watch films and series like: Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, The Baby-Sitters Club, Pitch Perfect, Mamma Mia, Legally Blonde, Mean Girls and The Parent Trap.

Painting is a popular hobby. Many VSCO Preppies create their own artwork for their rooms which include designer logos such as the Chanel double C and Commes des Garcon heart with eyes.


Preppy VSCO's tend to play sports like:

  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • (Field) hockey
  • Sailing
  • Volleyball
  • Skiing
  • Cheerleading
  • Dance/Gymnastics
  • English horseback riding
    • Dressage
    • Showjumping
    • Hunter Jumper Equitation
    • Polo (for boys)
    • Volleyball


The animals used in this aesthetic are:

  • Flamingos
  • Cheetahs
  • Leopards
  • Monkeys
  • Tigers
  • Elephants
  • Whales

And other animals with flashy colors and bold prints! They can be painted onto canvases as mentioned in the art section, typically in pink.


  • Louis Vuitton
  • Coco Chanel
  • Prada
  • Preppy Phone Cases | Stella Cases
  • Golden Goose
  • Starfit
  • Roller Rabbit
  • SheIn
  • Aviator Nation
  • Golden Goose
  • Loveshackfancy
  • Isabelle's Cabinet
  • Lululemon
  • Stoney Clover Lane (not really clothes, but accessories, like bags)
  • Zara
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Aerie's
  • American Eagle
  • Hollister
  • Hydroflask
  • Stanley
  • Sephora
  • Ulta Beauty


VSCO Preppies act energetic and are usually very upbeat and laid-back.

They are very social, loyal, active on social media, and make new friends easily.


Preps tend to say the following:


"Lava ya!"

"XOXO <3"



"Wild one!"

"You are golden!"

"An iced coffee a day keeps the bad vibes away!"

"Ding-dong, your opinion is wrong!"


"The way you speak to yourself matters."

"Did I imagine it?"

"I hadn't thought of it like that..."



"Ur my 4lifer!"



Sometimes, this aesthetic gets hate for their toxic behaviour and their resemblance to That Girl. This also gets a lot of hate for being stereotyped as rich white girls who are spoiled, have an apartment or mansion near or not in coastal areas for VSCO Preppy beach views and having tons of skincare products from brands such as CeraVe or TreeHut.


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