VSCO is a family of aesthetics named in reference to a photography app called VSCO (formerly known as VSCO Cam), created by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze in 2011. VSCO gained prominence with its in-app suite of features that allow users to edit with preset filters and tools. Since its rise in popularity, the VSCO aesthetics have rolled over into other platforms


VSCO girl is a term originating in 2019, based on the photography app VSCO. Although the subculture itself did not originate from the app, the two are related somewhat. VSCO girls often use the phrases "and I oop" and/or "sksksksk" and are often compared to E-Girls (though, aesthetically speaking, the two are polar opposites). The fashion is described as preppy but laid-back, They're also associated with Hydroflasks, (a type of reusable water bottle), Polaroid cameras, Tik Tok, and the "save the turtles" movement.


VSCO Girl style consists of scrunchies, Fjällräven Kånken backpacks, oversized shirts, nike shorts and more, such as sandals and socks. Then again, they also wear vans, crocs and Birks. They seem to be stereotyped, with people imitating them on the app tik tok. Common phrases they have are 'save the turtles', 'and i oop-' and 'sksksksk'.

They are also known to have a hydroflask, and also have a jeep. Additionally, they also own shell necklaces and will sometimes wear a tube top and jean shorts along with some friendship jewelry. Hobbies they are known to do are trampolining ,sleepovers and are almost always at Starbucks. Their hairstyles are mostly known to be a messy bun.

Other items involved in the aesthetic include:

  • Mom jeans
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Brandy Melville clothing
  • Puka shell or star necklace
  • Glossier products / Burts Bees
  • Mario Badescu



VSCO Boy is an aesthetic that involves a person (preferably male) who uses the app VSCO, the male counterpart to VSCO girls, or an ideal VSCO boyfriend. It involves riding a skateboard, wearing Vans sneakers and having a hydro flask with a bass pro hat and long hair typically brown.Like Boaz Omunga


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Dark VSCO is an aesthetic that similar to VSCO girl but is more mature and has dark themes to it. The colours are more muted,usually consisting of light or dark grey, black and white. The patterns are more minimalist and simplistic compared to the bright colors of the regular VSCO girl style. Although the style is darker it still has VSCO components such as scrunches, converse and hydroflasks.


Dark VSCO fashion is simplistic. Stripes and plaid patterns in more dark or pastel neutral tones are seen as well, Dark VSCO fashion includes:

  • grey and white plaid tennis or miniskirts
  • netural tops/hoodies
  • simple, li floral patterns
  • black/grey leggings
  • light or dark blue denim jeggings
  • simple jewelry or shell necklaces
  • neutral or leopard print barrette clips
  • birkenstocks
  • converse, air force 1's, crocs and vans (usually in black, grey or white)
  • textured neutral scrunchies

Makeup is kept simple and fresh, no makeup is an option as well. Messy buns and loose hair are common, but braids and ponytails are seen as well.


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Winter VSCO

A winter VSCO girl is similar to a regular one, but adding some wintery aspects. Such as, fuzzy socks, warm starbucks drinks, sweaters, comfy shorts, and a warm yet trendy feel.


Sweatpants, comfy shorts, long sweaters, beanies, white things, silver and grey, tennis shoes, boots, etc. For fashion is warmer seasons, a popular option is t-shirts that say things like "winter bae" on it. Comfy shorts are an amazing option for summer and warmer seasons. Prime season for Winter VSCOs, though is Winter.

Makeup is in light blues and whites, very natural, not often seen wearing dark eye shadows or lispsticks. Clear lip glosses are a good option, and so are clear mascaras. No makeup is a rare but fitting nonetheless option.


Autumn VSCO

Autumn VSCO is a combination of VSCO and Autumn aesthetics, Aspects of Autumn VSCO include:

-Pumpkin spice starbucks

-Warm colors


-Pumpkin pie

-Candle lit rooms

-Warm doughnuts

-Campfire s'mores


Autumn VSCO fashion consists or warm colors, jeans, light sweaters, cozy socks, cardigans, and other similar clothing. Example outfit:

-Mustard yellow beanie

-Maroon sweater

-Black ripped jeans

-Mustard yellow vans

Hair and Makeup

Hair for Autumn VSCO is normally curled or wavy, often down. If you have to have your hair up, do a messy bun, a half up half down, or something like that.

Makeup is light, but there nonetheless. Red or nude lips are good. Mascara, and Autumn colored eye shadow.

variations <3

there are soooo many different types of vsco girl. here are a few.

  • surfer/obx: a more trendy, 2020 vsco girl, heavily influenced by the popular netflix show, outer banks
  • comfy: some people, dress 'like a vsco girl' for casual days, but your real fashion aesthetic might be anything but vsco. oversize tees and shorts don't have to be daily wear, the aesthetic can be applied to lazy quarintine days, or comfy pjs.
  • big shirt little pants *lewk*: originating from tiktok, like sooo many of the vsco girl aspects, the big shirt little pants is just a way of dressing. its doesn't always mean your a vsco girl, just like little shirt big pants doesn't always mean indie.


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