Hi! I was wondering if you guy's could help my find my aesthetic

Music : jpop,kpop,

Asian pop, american/eng pop (well pop)

80s-00 Japanese music

80s classics


Jrock band / ballad rock / ballad

Style: pastel, love beige, brown, cream, of white...light grey?

Favorite season is spring

I love cooking!, play the piano, music A LOT ! I don't read that much, prefer listening to music, or drawing along with cleaning! Not categorize myself as an artist (but many tell me otherwise)

I looove pretty and delicate and well made things such as flowers, plushies, pretty elegante clothing but never bought it along with anything anime related!. I'm totally the opposite actually (kinda lazy, organisation,..


Dream, nostalgia and melancholia, sorrow are my feeling most of the times (or always sad and angry if you prefer ><)

Love eating. Love animal (especially kittys)

Love city, cafes, THE SKYYY (when the sun go down and the sky became super beautiful !!! Or even all of white color !)

I really have no idea of what aesthetic it can be. If someone can help I'll be really grateful ! <3

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