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About BeaCore

I made up this aesthetic and thought it was nice to create a blog page for it since other people created aesthetics through blogs. In a sum, BeaCore is an aesthetic that blends together the aesthetics of Purplecore and Babycore and my personal tastes in media. Some subcores blend other factors like the season or focus on a certain artist. All aesthetics are sfw. Please do not use them in nsfw settings or outlines. Also there is very not much of a fashion other than wearing anything purple related.


  • Purples and Pastel Purples
  • Plushies
  • Toys
  • Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony)
  • Cats and Foxes
  • Bert and Ernie (Sesame Street)
  • Eevee and its eeveeloutions


  • Early Twenty One Pilots albums
  • Classical Music
  • Baby Einstein covers of classical music
  • Queen
  • The later albums of The Beatles
  • OK Human (Weezer, album)
  • Pink Floyd
  • Enya
  • BTS
  • They Might Be Giants


  • Baby Einstein
  • My Little Pony (Gens 4-5)
  • Care Bears (Unlock The Magic)
  • Blue's Clues (Any Series)
  • Bluey
  • Bear in the Big Blue House
  • It's A Big, Big World
  • Kipper
  • Pokemon
  • Angelina Ballerina (Original)

Subsets or Subcores


These subcores are aesthetics of the four main composers Baby Einstein may cover. This includes Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Vivaldi which are Bachcore, Beethovencore, Mozartcore, and Vivaldicore. Their music aspects are in their titles (ex. Mozartcore music is Mozart). This also apparent to their media. Their visuals are differentiating though.

Visuals of Bachcore

  • Instruments
  • Robots
  • Winter scenery (not to be confused with the season subcore of Winter)
  • Rabbits
  • Gold

Visuals of Beethovencore

  • Giraffes
  • Scenery (Any)
  • Ferris wheels

Visuals of Mozartcore

  • Butterflies
  • Candles
  • Trains
  • Bears
  • Koalas

Visuals of Vivaldicore

  • Scenery (Any)
  • Ducks
  • Ponds
  • The four seasons


These subcores focus on the four seasons. The visuals are the same as their respect seasons and the freatures of BeaCore. The music and media may variety on the season.

Springcore's Music and Media

  • Peanuts (Comic Strip)
  • Pearls Before Swine (Comic Strip)
  • Glean and Join Us (They Might Be Giants albums)
  • The Muppets (Franchisee)
  • Fraggle Rock (Any Series)

Summercore's Music and Media

  • Thomas The Tank Engine (show and music)
  • Craig McCracken Shows
  • Invader Zim (Show)
  • Fun. (Band)
  • AJR (Band)

Fallcore's Music and Media

  • The Apples In Stereo (Band)
  • Homestar Runner (webseries)
  • Night in the Woods (Video game)
  • Sesame Street (Show)

Wintercore's Music and Media

  • Olive The Other Reindeer
  • Fraggle Rock (Any Series)
  • Daft Punk (Band)
  • Any of the media listed in any cores or subcores' holiday specials