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Some new aesthetic ideas I thought about at 4:00 A.M. and decided to talk about today! Now, I'm not the best writer and I do make mistakes, so please don't be irritated when I mess up, thank you! I also have no idea what I'm doing! :D

Accurate Angels

(I haven't come up with a name)

I'm crediting AngelxBunny, they inspired me to put this as one of the aesthetic ideas, thank you!a Accurate Angels are based off biblical angels, which I can only explain what they look like based on pictures. To me a biblical angel looks like a bunch of rings that have thousands of eyes on them, and have more than a one pair of wings. It also seems like fire will be added onto the rings. The description that AngelxBunny gave was similar to mine. They said "Too many wings, and too many eyes.. limbs that bend in nonhuman ways. Tight skin, feeling too big for your body. Light that hurts to look at.." (you can find their words in the comments of Angelcore).

A biblical accurate angel

I think the colors would be dark colors with gold or silver. I say gold or silver because of the rings with eyes, I feel like they'd be that color. Then for the dark colors, it's becauseAngelxBunny said that light hurt Accurate Angels eyes, which can include most colors in Angelcore, like white, light blue, pink, yellow, etc. Then for the outfits, I'd think they wore long, ripped or non-ripped, robes that touched the ground. The visuals could be several eyes, several fake wings, rings, fire, and for make-up, I feel like it can be heavy or light.

For movies, books, and artists, I don't know. I didn't really look for that stuff, sorry-

Accurate AngelBy cha cha real smooth on Tumblr


This was me at night thinking, bunnies and canines have their own aesthetic, but bears are cool too, bears should have an aesthetic too. Be informed that this was partly a joke so it isn't going to be that good lol. So, Bearcore is involved with bear outfits, natural colors, and light make-up. More visuals could be teddy bears, forests or rivers, and anything else bear related. Natural colors include light/dark brown, beige, white, and black, or bear colors! For outfits I mostly think of brown overalls with a black shirt or the other way around, a miniskirt with a beige long sleeved shirt, a teddy bear bag, and a bear ear hat.

Bear hat with ears

For movies it could be Paddington, Winnie the Pooh, Brother Bear, the Care Bears Movie and We Bare Bears: The Movie. There are so many bear books for kids so for Books I'm only putting Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne and Seekers by Erin Hunter.

Bear overalls