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Seth'sArt Seth'sArt 28 April

Oh so you like the Aesthetics Wiki?

Name each aesthetic.

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Seth'sArt Seth'sArt 25 March

New aesthetic ideas!

Some new aesthetic ideas I thought about at 4:00 A.M. and decided to talk about today! Now, I'm not the best writer and I do make mistakes, so please don't be irritated when I mess up, thank you! I also have no idea what I'm doing! :D

(I haven't come up with a name)

I'm crediting AngelxBunny, they inspired me to put this as one of the aesthetic ideas, thank you!a Accurate Angels are based off biblical angels, which I can only explain what they look like based on pictures. To me a biblical angel looks like a bunch of rings that have thousands of eyes on them, and have more than a one pair of wings. It also seems like fire will be added onto the rings. The description that AngelxBunny gave was similar to mine. They said "Too many wings, and to…

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