Hi! I need some help finding my aesthetic cuz I feel like nothing matches owu. So first off here's an explanation of it using already existing aesthetics i guess idk how to explain :3

ok so:

-very colorful, rainbowcore maybe? but when you search that up it's eye ouching images so maybe just the colors i guess

-hobicore but without the bts and not really the clothes

-kidcore but not really primary colors and clowns and that kinda thing, more like a mix of kidcore+pastel kidcore with fun clothing, maybe some rainbow teddy bears, BRACELETSSSSSSSSSSS

-indie kid but only the shoes. only the shoes

okay now here's some more info and stuff i like

-sneakers/slip ons/crocs

-candy themed jewlery


-Bright rainbow/pastel tie dye

-T-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, regular fit, not cropped or oversized


-Neons and pastels

-very lighthearted

-not much text, if there is any positive messages

moodboard (not my best work but whatever lol)


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