Aesthetics Wiki

Warning; opinions that no one cares about ahead lmao

Aesthetics I'm Involved In


I love the Alternative aesthetic because it is a catch-all aesthetic for everything alt. (emo, punk, goth, etc.). I just love the vibe and relate to the messages of defying cultural norms - I also love the irony of being a conforming non-conformist; that's like my entire existence lol. I also adore Alternative music, it's much more flexible and relatable (to me) than most mainstream music - but I'm not adverse to popular music fyi.


The only aesthetic I didn't choose to be apart of; but I do choose to like it. I identify as non-binary and I have for years; to me, androgyny is more than just an aesthetic - it's a goal and necessity for me to be comfortable with myself. Being in-between male and female (both in appearance and just in general) is what would make me accept myself as a person. I'm still not sure how I feel about this being labelled as an aesthetic, but I can acknowledge that androgyny is a form of dress and not an identity - so anyone can participate, regardless of their gender identity.

Chic Modernist

I accidently fell into this aesthetic lmao, but I'm not mad - it's a pretty fashion style! As seen below, I'm a fan of the corporate aesthetic and chic modernism is basically a more mild version of Corporate. I said what I said. It is my dream to own a long coat like the ones seen in this aesthetic. I already have a robe that would probably fit this aesthetic, but I can't wear that anywhere I want. :( Chic coats are just better than most clothing in every way - in my opinion.

Classic Academia

I wanna look smart lmfao. I'm only half-joking. In seriousness, I loved the look of Dark Academia, but I heard that there was controversy around it and it was kind of depressing-looking - and Light Academia was too bright in my opinion - so I went in-between.

Favorite Aesthetics

After Hours

It is basically Liminal Space but less creepy, which I like. :) I have always loved the idea of being alone in a usually populated area, I am incredibly anxious around people, so it is a fantasy of mine to be walking down a city street or riding a train alone. I could wear what I want and do whatever I want without judgement.

Boujee & Corporate

These two have the same reasons as to why I like them, so I put them together. I have a weird interest in rich people and the rich lifestyle - I just find the aesthetics very appealing and pretty. Also...suits. My weakness (not in a sexual way, I hope).

Liminal Space

You know how I just said that I like After Hours because it's less creepy than Liminal Space? Yeah, about that. I actually have a very low tolerance for creepy shit, The Mandela Catalogue gave me transient insomnia for almost a week. Anyway, I like Liminal Space for the same reason as After Hours, the thought of being alone in a usually populated area is amazing to me - the only downside is that Liminal Space makes that isolation a creepy thing, which I dislike. This aesthetic is more like a guilty pleasure than anything else, because it looks cool but affects me negatively.


I want to be a doctor in my future, so I have an inclination towards medical stuff. I also love sterilized stuff, like it's clean lmao. With the more illness-centric side of Medicalcore, I think of it in a similar way as Traumacore - an effective way to vent bs I have going on. I'm a generally sickly person because I suck at self-care, so I tend to relate to a lot of things Sickcore-related.


I swear I'm in therapy, but I keep being pulled into creepy shit when I can barely handle it. I just think Weirdcore looks interesting, that's it. :(


I couldn't find a gender-neutral form of Princecore/Princesscore, so here we are. Similarly to Boujee, I love the look of rich people shit, and Royalcore is like the medieval version of rich people shit. Also, castles pretty.

Traumacore & Yami Kawaii

I won't put much about these aesthetics here because it's personal. I make Traumacore images in my free-time to vent about shit and it works for me. I'm glad that I found these aesthetics because I can just slap text and childhood characters on an image and boom I feel a little better.