hiiii so i'm new, sorry if anything i say sounds weird! i know that there's a lot of people asking the same thing, but can you help me find my aesthetic? the thing is that i love a lot of different aesthetics and it's hard for me to find similarities between them.. so i thought that i could use some help and/or recommendations!

colors: pink (i love all shades of it, pastel, hot pink, darker shades, etc), purple, light blue, teal

season: winter

music: melanie martinez, alec benjamin, twenty one pilots, marina, taylor swift, lady gaga, i also love vocaloid songs, k-pop (bts, loona, blackpink, red velvet, everglow, mamamoo) and musicals (hamilton, heathers, six, dear evan hansen, be more chill, 35 mm)

style: umm it's really hard to describe my style because i just wear anything that's comfortable for me dhjdjkd i guess i like wearing skirts and dresses much more than pants, i like flannel shirts and sweaters and i also often wear t-shirts with anime/game characters, i dye my hair very often and it's usually bright colors (red, orange, pink, etc) and i also like cute hairclips and i have a lot of them!

games and anime: danganronpa, toilet bound hanako-kun, your turn to die/kimi ga shine, mystic messenger, persona 4 and 5, kakegurui, love live, diabolik lovers, bang dream, panty and stocking with garterbelt

animals: owls, cats, foxes, frogs

hobbies: drawing, writing, painting, listening to music, making playlists, watching youtube, astrology, collecting crystals, tarot, editing, psychology

other: i really love aesthetics and themes that are cute on the first sight but they turn out to be dark and creepy, i love neon/night club (?) aesthetics, i also like listening to songs from early 00's and watching childhood shows that make me feel nostalgic (like winx club and spongebob), i love supernatural and spooky things/stories, i don't talk a lot and it's hard for me to make friends, i get angry and disappointed easily, a lot of people say that i have a childish personality and i also love making original characters a lot :> i also love plushies and dolls!

edit: thanks for the replies it helps a lot!! <3

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