Is it okay if I wright here ? ^^'

I saw that many have ask to people what is their aesthetic by post so I wanted to try ! I put some picture here and down ! (I don't how to make this page pretty I'm new here sorry ;-;)

Music : jpop,kpop,

Asian pop, american/eng pop (well pop)

80s-00 Japanese music (The brillant green, Moritaka Chisato, Evey little things) City pop sometimes

80s classics

Jrock band / ballad rock / ballad


Style: Dead color, love beige, brown, cream, of white...

Favorite season is Autumn

I love singing, play the piano, music A LOT ! I don't read that much, prefer listening to music, or drawing. Not cathegorize myself as an artist (but many tell me otherwise)

I looove pretty and delicate and well made things such as jewellry, perfume, pretty elegante clothing but never bought it. I'm totally the opposite actually (kinda lazy, unorganisate,...)

˗ˏˋ @theartofblushing ˎˊ˗.jpg

Hate school, well, hate life in general haha

˗ˏˋpinterest clairebdownsˊˎ-.jpg
Fox red sleep ball 1094 640x1136.jpg

Introvert (have 2 friends haha) but noisy and annoying with familly

Dream, nostalgia and melancholia, sorrow are my feeling most of the times (or always sad and angry if you prefer ><)


Love eating. Love animal (especially foxs)


Love forest, nature, THE SKYYY (when the sun go down and the sky became super beautiful !!! Or even all of white color !)

€15 94 54% de réduction TWOTWINSTYLE chemisier en mousseline de soie, chemisier surdimensionné, manches lanternes, nœud, pour femmes, vêtements Sexy à la mode, été, collection à lacets AliExpress.jpg

I really have no idea of what aesthetic it can be. If somewhone can help I'll be really grateful ! :)

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