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Bugcore is based off of various bugs such as spiders, worms, insects, beetles, and scorpions. Their whole outfits normally are based off of one certain bug, for example if they like the black widow they might have makeup web designs, they could also paint in extra eyes and paint fangs. For the outfit, the main colors it would be black with red designs, maybe even some silk web patterns. Some might have extra arms to represent the arachnid family that they are based off.

Some might not dress as bugs some might just like bugs, study bugs, watch bugs, or mainly just interact with the bugs, like talking to them.

For some movies you have “The Fly”, “ A Bug’s Life”, “The Bee Movie”, and “Bug”. For books they might have Encyclopedias about bugs or books like “The Big Book of Bugs”, “The very lonely firefly”, “The Very hungry Caterpillar”, and “Some bugs”.

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