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DeathrockFairy DeathrockFairy 23 February

Things That Should Not Be Aesthetics

Here’s a list of things that are genuinely exploitative and offensive to attempt to turn into aesthetics (including “aesthetics” I believe should be deleted):

Religion and The Occult, because belief systems do not decide aesthetic taste (problematic: New Age and Witchcore), although ties to certain religions in certain aesthetics should be mentioned.

Bigotry, because there should be no aesthetics that exist purely to spread religious, political, cultural, or racial hatred or misinformation of any kind (problematic: Sacricore).

Sexuality, because sexuality does not decide aesthetic taste (problematic: “Lesbian Cottagecore”), although ties to sexuality in certain aesthetics should undoubtedly be mentioned.

Fetish, because an aesthetic can be sex…

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DeathrockFairy DeathrockFairy 23 February

About Men in Androgynous Fashion

I find it to be extremely sad how little there is written about the history of men in Androgynous pretty boy style (a mix of traditionally masculine and feminine clothing/hair/makeup to create an ambiguous albeit still distinctly male-leaning style).

I very much hope that the popularity of K-Pop will encourage young men (whether straight or gay) to embrace this kind of style (though this style is already popular in the trans community).

Here are a few important aesthetics/movements listed by time of origin (whether they have yet been listed or not) that would not have existed without these rebels of fashion:

1800s - Dandy

1960s - 60s Dandy

1960s - Hippie

1970s - Glam Rock

1970s - Bishie

1980s - New Romantic/Blitz Kid

1980s - Trad Goth/Batcave

1980s …

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DeathrockFairy DeathrockFairy 15 February

Aesthetics I Think Should Be Created

This is a list:

Woodland Goth (This has already existed since the 80s, originated by Siouxsie and the Banshees, and I’ve rewritten this to incorporate its origins.)

Synth Noir (A pre-Cyberpunk genre of Synthpop originated by Gary Numan.)

Exotipunk (A British and Japanese genre of Post-Punk and Synthpop that romanticizes travel, originated by David Bowie’s Lodger.)

Dream Industrial (The soft side of this music, pioneered by Chris and Cosey, Art of Noise, After Dinner, and Manon Anne Gillis.)

Pastoral Pop (A hybrid of Dream Pop and Synthpop, pioneered by Strawberry Switchblade and Chinatsu Kuzuu.)

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DeathrockFairy DeathrockFairy 15 February

Recent Projects

I’ve been trying to link up modern aesthetics with their roots in past aesthetic movements, artists, etc.

I’ve had to do quite a bit of rewriting in many aesthetics, particularly Androgynous fashion, Goth (and Goth types), Academia types, and Fairy/Woodland types.

There are a few key movements that need to be added to Aesthetics Fandom:

Hardcore Punk (the original “Core” genre)

Hip Hop



Dark Cabaret

Analog Horror

Hair Metal

Gothic Lolita

It would be most appreciated to get help to create pages for these.

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