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I find it to be extremely sad how little there is written about the history of men in Androgynous pretty boy style (a mix of traditionally masculine and feminine clothing/hair/makeup to create an ambiguous albeit still distinctly male-leaning style).

I very much hope that the popularity of K-Pop will encourage young men (whether straight or gay) to embrace this kind of style (though this style is already popular in the trans community).

Here are a few important aesthetics/movements listed by time of origin (whether they have yet been listed or not) that would not have existed without these rebels of fashion:

1800s - Dandy

1960s - 60s Dandy

1960s - Hippie

1970s - Glam Rock

1970s - Bishie

1980s - New Romantic/Blitz Kid

1980s - Trad Goth/Batcave

1980s - Deathrock

1980s - Woodland Goth

1980s - Hair Metal

1990s - Visual Kei

1990s - Metrosexual

1990s - Onii Kei

1990s - J-Pop

1990s - Aristocrat

2000s - Ouji

2000s - K-Pop/Khonminam

If anyone can think of more to add to this list, please let me know.

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