Aesthetics Wiki

Like the title says I would like help finding my aesthetic if possible so let's get started shall we (What am I doing?)

Colours I prefer wearing:Dark colours just in general, neutrals (Excluding beige and white most of the time but not always.), pastels, and dark gem-tones.

Tops:Ruffles (Any where really I'm not all that picky), high necks, button ups (Normal and odd this goes for dress shirts and polos of course), collared shirts, flannel, band/fandom tees, turtlenecks (Tighter preferred as it feels better than the loose necked turtle necks) , puff sleeves (Medium to extreme is preferred), bat wing sleeve, angel sleeve, bishop sleeve, long to three quarter sleeves (Most often unless I am wearing some kind of jacket, coat, cardigan, or hoodie over top), v neck, square neck, cowl, neck bow type things, and Victorian-esque blouses.

Bottoms: Normal jeans (Skinny or skinny boot-cut perferably any rise except ultra low-rise normal low rise is good though I have nothing against any rises except the ultra), black jeans, ripped jeans, colored jeans, trousers/dress pants, wiggle/pencil skirts, long breeches (I don't know some look like shorts length an I don't wear that), leggings (Yes under skirts and as pants themselves I check to make sure they are see though thank you), pleather pants, straight skirt, A line skirt, Circle skirt, pleated skirt, I don't know what it's called but rufflely princessy type skirts, accordion skirt, just long to medium skirt preferably but some short ones can pass, and skater skirts.

Full body: Jump suits, peasant dress, sun dress, pencil dress, Victorian-esque dresses (The Victorian era was rather long and I haven't had a memorable cohesive study of it but I know I prefer the more over the top looking ones that are big I also love bustles.), Ball gown, wrap dress, the princess dress/gown style, denim dress, body con dress, mermaid dress, Floor length to knee length preferred but I am willing to go shorter with some, halter neck, jewel neck, v/deep v neck, illusion neckline, sweet heart neckline, square neck line, Asymmetrical neck line, off the shoulder, collared, keyhole neckline, Queen Anne neck line, and I am more leniant on allowing short sleeves here because while I don't like how many short sleeve tops look (On me of course many people look lovely in them) dress are just somehow great at making sleeveless-ness/short sleeved-ness less noticeable to me.

Coat/Jacket/Whatever: Cape ( I actually have a cape that I got from a vintage/antique store it is allegedly over 100 years old it goes to about mid back is black velvet and heavy it being it's age has many rips and needs to be carefully hand washed if and only if something noticeable gets on it.), trench coat, suit jacket, pleather jacket (Normal and studded/spiked) , jean jacket, pea coat, and Crombie coat.

Shoes: Ankle boots (Normal and spiked), basically all the shoes on the American Duchess website until it get to 1940's (So 18th century, Regency, Victorian, Edwardian, 1920's, and 1930's) , Oxford (All types but plain toe) , Loafers (Penny or Bit but not Tassle), Derby shoes (Which are just slightly different from Oxfords but different enough), Single Monk strap, Dress boot, Opera pump, ballet flats, Mary Janes (Flat or heeled), I don't know the exact name but the platform boots that are flat across and there's no separation between the heel and the rest of the shoe, and strappy boots.

Accessories/others: Book bags, work suitcases, cameo chokers (Like what I feel like Tarquin Blackwood's (From the Vampire chronicles Blackwood Farms book) Aunt queen wears when it mentions her cameos), necklaces in general (My favorites that I have are a fang one and and one with a faux red jewel in the center with dragon wings around it and another faux jewel this time black hanging from it.), rings, berets, sun hats, top hats, news boy cap, floppy hat, fedora (I know kill me), fish nets, petticoats (As underthings of course so then I can have puffy skirts, corsets (Again as under things this time because corsets are literally underthings), head bands, waistcoats, and ruffle socks.

Music: Panic! At the disco, My chemical romance, The upper crust (They are a band that dresses and acts as 18th century fops and I love it), Marina and the diamonds, Aurelio Voltaire, Taylor Swift (Red and before is proffered but I can deal with any), Homestuck fan parodies, Creature Feature, Emilie Autumn, Rusty cage, Hetalia songs, Amanda Palmer, Get scared, The Millionaires, Ke$ha (Yes from the Ke$ha era and not the Kesha era), Lady Gaga, Jeffree Star (I just like his music), all-American rejects, Melanie Martinez, Green Day, Miranda Lambert, Cheap perfume, BENNY (The one who made little game), Grandson, YUNGBLUD, Destructo disk, Paramore, Bowling for soup, Ludo, Mindless self indulgence, Mother Mother, I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, Fergie, Tatu, Three days grace, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Pussycat dolls, Hayley Kiyoko, Halestorm, Queen, Haloscene, Joan Jett and the Black Hearts, In this moment, Icon for hire, Porcelain and the tramps, Falling in reverse, Adam Lambert, 30H!3, Cobra Starship, Lilly Allen, and P!nk (There are of course more but I'm not going to do every thing I listen to)

People/character whose style I love: Victor Lockhart on Youtube, Strange Aeons on Youtube and Tumblr, Monty from the book The Gentleman's guid to vice and virtue and later his sister's book the Lady's guide to petticoats and piracy and hopefully soon to be in his brother's book The nobleman's guide to Scandal and Shipwreck look up fan art of him please he's wonderful, Both Aziraphale and Crowly from Good Omens TV (I don't have the book nor have I listened to the radio show.), The young valet/My-darling-boy on Tumblr, Social theater of crime, a carnival of horror/Montparnassee on Tumblr, Cosyfaerie on Instagram, Whokilledphin/phin on Tumblr, Eridan Ampora from Homestuck preferably PesterQuest clothing (Which is basically the exact same but you can see it better also his dresses look nice), FannyRosie/Fanny Rosie on Tumblr, and Lucifer-Luciferin/Luciferin on Tumblr.

Extras: I am legally a child I won't give my exact age but mid teens, I'm small as in short but also as in according to BMI (Which I know people say isn't eh most realistic but it's the best I have) I'm underweight, I like some Gothic fashions but I don't think I listen to goth music so I don't wear the clothing (I tried listening to The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees I wasn't the biggest fan of The Cure then I will listen to Siouxsie and the Banshees but it's not a favourite what so ever and those are the only two goth music creators I know of), If I could have any non-human attribute it would be vampire fangs (Then horns and lastly pointy ears but I want fangs the most, Speaking of vampire fangs I was the young child who pretended to be a vampire (My sibling was the mermaid kid) and I tried those online spells that said they'd turn you into a vampire it obviously never worked, I discovered Hetalia at a young age I was still in elementary school so while I don't remember the exact age I found out the lemons weren't just fruit very early on and kept reading, my user name comes from “We're not courting trouble," I say. "Flirting with it, at most.”

Mackenzi Lee, The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue, I am Autistic, and I don't care about how I'm perceived gender wise.

Hopefully this is enough information because I have been typing for longer than an hour though if needed I can also go into fandoms and furniture.