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If you though that deleting a message in message wall is a serious offense that can result to a peril or violation in the entire fandom community that you need to block then I think you need some help.

I don't think I should be importune trying to edit about creator or other things anymore because I'm wrong, sorry for that. Yes I got it you cannot put the page creator anymore but I'm just fear that people might be stealing credit of the actual creator, whether they're an aesthetic creators or a page creators. But if the community is fine with that, then I must respect that since I'm not a mod I'm just a guest who can't manage anything further beyond that. That miniaturecore page post have long been forgotten around so I do not remember the detail much. Except that there's more than one people who create the page. Nautical if you cannot put in page creator anymore then I won't bother trying to. (I found miniaturecore post after I got block, it's up to you to decide if this is relevant to this post or not but for me it's not that important but I need to explain if someone want to point that out.) I don't remember the time and date but I remember editing before deleting messages.

But, just because I delete a message that you seriously need to block like that?

"They were issued a warning about this behavior and thought they'd be slick and delete the message to cover their tracks, so a week-long ban it is"

Deleting a message doesn't mean that people want to escape or ignore from that warning. Some people already get that, understand that, acknowledge that and delete that just to clean the wall or do not want to escalate further by starting the monomacy. Do you think that all people love to have messages stick up on their wall all the time? I have a tons of message from other fandoms and I need to clear it up or it will become a warzone and now that's my habit. Or maybe we should use a tone indicator now so that you would understand the intention or feeling? Or do I must always reply that I'm deeply apologize and won't do that again before deleting first? Some people have habit to delete things. Of all the fandom community I have never seen something like this before, least they just called out publicly not just straight out block like that.

I'm still waiting to see if I will get block temporary or permanently or not by posting this. If yes, then it just prove my point and maybe I should go warn other people from other platforms about this problem. If you feel the need to reply with sarcastic tone as you all usually did at least consider talking like a normal person starting a conversation for once please.