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Hello friends, I am making this blog because I think there is some confusion regarding the dreamcore aesthetic and its comparisons with dreamy and weirdcore. From my point of view, I think that dreamcore is related to these two aesthetics BUT they are not the same, nor is dreamcore a subgenre of them. To try to clarify this, I am going to review what each aesthetic is supposed to represent.

Let's start with Dreamy:

The truth is that I discovered this aesthetic recently, however it is not so difficult to understand, the Dreamy aesthetic represents the most fanciful of dreams, the exaggeration and dramatization of these, using its elements such as clouds and shines to give a very beautiful finish almost until romanticizing them in certain cases, in both of their representations, realistic and surrealist, it is noted what i say. Now according to what I understand, Dreamy also has a subgenre that deals with nightmares in which it uses terrifying elements to dramatize and exaggerate these same nightmares more. So with all this said we could say that Dreamy represents dreams in the most magical and fanciful way possible, the most beautiful or the most terrifying side of dreams depends on where you look.


Dreamy nightmare .jpg

Dreamy 7.jpg




Let's continue with the famous Weirdcore:

Weirdcore, as its name indicates, is an aesthetic that is responsible for giving us strange sensations when consuming its different content, because its images will always have a strange or/and bizarre touch. Weirdcore uses elements like eyes, mouths, shadows, silhouettes and the like to superimpose them on images that aren't even weird at all, giving them their characteristic surreal touch. It could be said then that Weirdcore represents the strangest thing in reality, or the derealization in an extremely strange way, any of its images would cause you displeasure or at least discomfort, unless you are an unwavering person, since what aesthetics seeks is that you feel uncomfortable, the music that is related to this aesthetic also follows the same steps.

Weirdcor 1.jpg

Weird 2.png

Weirdcore 3.jpg




And now yes, Dreamcore:

Dreamcore is an aesthetic that seeks to represent dreams, often its content is based on modified images to give it a dream touch, as if it were taken from one's own dream, and generally these images tend to give us strange sensations, not disturbing but rather of tranquility. , empathy or even conformity, or also a sensation that makes you think if you were really dreaming at that moment or not, and among other similar sensations. Dreamcore is not in charge of nightmares but of the calm part of dreams, the most commonly known dreams, those that we tell our friends or parents, have you ever dreamed that you were at a relative's house having breakfast? or that you were playing with your best friend in the park? or that you could jump between the clouds? that is what Dreamcore tries to represent, a simple and calm dream, it tries to make the viewer daydream for a second to bring back those dreams that so many of us like. It could be said then that Dreamcore represents the simpler but more comfortable side of dreams.

Dreamcore 2.jpg
Dreamcore 5.jpg
Dreamcore 6.jpg


Dreamcore is a subgenre of Dreamy or Weirdcore? in my opinion no, Dreamy seeks to dramatize and embellish dreams, Dreamcore simply represent them, also Dreamcore is not in charge of nightmares at all because it seeks to comfort, not bother or frighten, therefore it is not a subgenre of Weirdcore either, since their objectives are totally different, if it is true they have the same way to create their images, and sometimes Dreamcore even uses the famous winged eyes, but they are not the same just because of that since their purposes are different. Something else that has confused the consumers of these aesthetics is the fact that sometimes the aesthetics are mixed, and that usually happens with Dreamcore and Weirdcore, sometimes an image does not strictly represent an aesthetic by itself, many times I could represent several to at the same time, and I suppose that added to the fact that Dreamcore is a relatively new aesthetic, made Dreamcore be taken as a subgenre of Weirdcore. also the mix of Dreamcore and Weirdcore is not the only one, Dreamcore with Kidcore, Kidcore with Weirdcore, nostalgiacore and dreamcore and etc. well without further ado this would be all, the truth is I hope this has served to do some justice to Dreamcore and let's see if they make it its own page and put it on the list of aesthetics which is an aesthetic that gives a lot to talk about herself, bai bai.