I haven't been here since April and as you can tell, I missed out a lot of stuffs on here.

Back in April, I used to copy + paste some of the aesthetic definitions on here into a Word file, as I wanted to know more about aesthetic (or you can say, researching and journaling). Due to studying and working long hour after quarantine, I've since no longer doing so. Now that I finally have the time to come back, the changes in the list had surprised me. As I checked my old file and compared it with the website, some of the aesthetics have gone. For example, the "abstract expressionism" has disappeared and that left me in confusion, I thought art is a form of aesthetic, and since abstract expressionism is an abstract art form, I wonder why it was deleted out of here?

Other than that, I'm glad to see the community grows gradually everyday, and the amount of aesthetics have increased. I hope that the community will expand this list further and fill the list with beauty.

P/s: English is not my mother tongue so my writing sucks. Nonetheless, I am learning and improving it every day.



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