hewo! or yo. thats what i most likley use. I know right 2 completly diffrent things. (sorry if my english is bad im dutch) So i dont really know my aesthetic. Just like this; im really messy and have no motivation to clean my room. But i love to organise like im having a spa all the nail polish good etc. In the winter wear like black hoodies. But in the summer im more into croptops who have an pastel colour. My favo colour is: Dark green my second is yelloww. It makes me happy just like the music i listen 2 on the other side i listen to sad music because i feel like it. I hate people (i have to pretend i have energy. Somethimes i am the opisote like i have all the energy of the world) but when my friends can't play i get really sad because i have nothing to do. CONCLUSION: I think im just really sad and because of that i like to cheer myself up with those cute things. Feel free to help me ;) lol cya. i hope i said enough

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