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Started editing on this wiki on March 7, 2021. Creator of the "Shepcore" section of this userpage and an anti-multilevel marketer who believes vent art goes two ways: public or private (really, I mean it when I say vent art goes two ways). I am also responsible for making Bernard Donaldson's Shadow form and starting the whole Rifted form thing.


DISCLAIMER: "Shepcore" is not an aesthetic, but rather a nickname for the theme of artwork featuring Vulcanna Shep.

Shepcore is the name of a recurring theme in artwork with Vulcanna Shep as the main subject in them. The theme is a portmanteau of "Shep" and the "-core" suffix mainly used for aesthetic names.

The infobox caption for this "aesthetic" has a link to Wikipedia's policy page on hoaxes. It does not focus on a theme or another aesthetic, but rather focuses on purple, mustaches, toasters, and imagery related to Vulcanna Shep. It is not a real "aesthetic," but rather the nickname of a persistent theme seen in works with Vulcanna Shep in them.


  • "Shepcore" is actually a persistent theme that is seen in VuIcannaAshFan's artwork featuring Vulcanna Shep. It only earned this nickname in early 2021.
  • The nickname's creator has admitted that "Shepcore" was actually a hoax name for Vulcanna Shep's theme - purple, mustaches, toasters, etc. As such, VuIcannaAshFan has stated that this "aesthetic" is not real, but the theme of Vulcanna Shep-related artwork exists and has persisted since at least May 2020. The nickname is often in scare quotes because it is actually not an aesthetic, as its creator stated.

What I think should be enforced

  • Do not create troll or hoax aesthetics to test the wiki administration's ability to remove hoaxes.
  • Do not test users' ability to mark pages as stubs by purposefully making stub articles.
  • Do not test the wiki administration's ability to delete vents in the comments section of articles like Traumacore by making vent posts and posting them in the comments.
  • Comments with flamewar potential should be removed.

What I believe regarding the Internet's community (and the real world as well)

  • Hoax Wikipedia articles are a detriment to the project's integrity as a whole.
  • The Geraldine Edwards hoax should be stopped.
  • Opinions should be respected.
  • Art and music are subjective.
  • Multi-level marketing is just another pyramid scheme but legalized.
  • Racial colorblindness does not solve racism.