Aesthetics Wiki

Hello, people on here call me Hydra. I am a 23 year old university graduate and I enjoy analyzing and developing aesthetics, more specifically fashion aesthetics. If you need assistance, one of the other mods are more likely to respond quicker than me, but you are free to ping me on the Discord channel as it is the quickest way to reach me.

My core aesthetics include Femme Fatale, Chic Modernist, Lovecore, Witch, Angelcore, Queencore, Romantic Italian, Northerness, and Hellenic.

Creator of Heatwave and Macademia. Wrote and/or heavily contributed to Milk, Common White Girl, Chic Modernist, the main four Royalcore pages, Monkeycore, Ghostcore, Babygirl, the Angelcore subgenres, and many more.

Taking a hint out of the lovely Talia's book, here are some concepts to describe my aesthetics:

  • Boss Bombshell: Pencil skirts, blazers, thigh high stockings, stiletto high heels, black leather laptop cases, large ballerina buns, tile floors, wide blue light glasses, lunch/coffee dates, leather-bound stationary, vintage globes, dark wood executive desks, libraries, framed diplomas, organized desktops, landline phone ringtones, Excel sheets, old courthouses, marble columns.
  • Moonlit Succubus: Pearls and diamonds, moonlight, red velvet gowns, garter belts, vanity mirrors, marble floors, corsets, ballgowns, pheromones, wine, hotel rooms, neon lights, lingerie, pillow talk, stars, feathers, soft RnB, dipping honey, silk robes and pajamas, curled hair, dancing, the ocean at night, open windows, singing to a lover, marble statues.
  • RBF: Black chunky heels, blood red lipstick, hot chai tea, giant cateye sunglasses, sports cars, cane corsos, worn leather, musk, huge cheeseburgers, heavy EDM and metal, long manicured nails, fire, stiletto knives, killer stares, middle fingers, horror movies, vodka drinks, harnesses, skinny jeans, silver chains, empty parking lots.
  • Fallen Little Cherub: Roses, black mini skirts, red heart shapes, toes in the sand, sunlight reflecting off dark longing eyes, boba tea, holding hands, little white flowers, pet names, the smell of rain, full hearts, laughter, jumping in puddles, angel wings, black lace and chiffon, cranberry apple salads, roller skates, pots of honey, staring into fresh water ponds.
  • Spiritual, Solitary: Wide brim black sunhat, mesh tasseled kimono shawl, barefeet in the woods, birds calling to each other, rushing water, flowers drying on a wooden rack, extensive gardens of vegetables and herbs, a lit fireplace, worn books, ink pots, petting the cat and cuddling the dog, full moons, whispered prayers, bees and dragonflies.
  • Rainy Domesticity: Fluffy slippers, chunky sweaters, candle light, honey tea, dark skies, old movies, pet fur, legs intertwined on the couch, fresh mac n cheese, hot chocolate, thunder and lightning, slow kisses and slower dances, wet balconies, mid-evening naps, cold plant-covered porches, baking muffins, vinyl records playing in the other room, singing along.