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Hello! I became fascinated with aesthetics when I first hopped onto 8tracks, Polyvore, and tumblr in 2015 (peak tumblr era lol). After seeing the rise of many online communities and learning the importance of archiving as an art history student, I decided to help this wiki grow.

When I am not doing work for university or editing this wiki, I'm doing Duolingo, fangirling over Hannibal meta, making playlists, reading P.G. Wodehouse and Fitzgerald novels, sewing, watching true crime YouTube, browsing through tumblr, playing Don't Starve, or trying to collect all of the freakin Riddler trophies in the Batman Arkham series.

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I have my hands in a lot of pies, but I'm slowly writing chunks of information, often supplemented with citations. Something that I'm also doing is conducting interviews with aesthetics that are more ephemeral and at the risk of dying, such as Morute and Trailer Park Princess. I need a lot of help with the 101 pages, I am not a person who knows music, sadly :(

The newest project I am doing is analyzing the history, growth of community, rationale, and influences of the aesthetic a la art history papers. Please message me if you are interested in joining me.

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These moodboards on the sides come with this. They're the tumblr "aesthetic lists" that came from the "tag yourself" memes. I don't really have a set aesthetic I suppose, I just think they're neat :)

Candied Bitter Almond: Black lace stockings, using lipstick as blush, maraschino cherry milkshakes, walking fast, ribbons in her hair and her eyes gleamed mean, organza gloves, leather, giving someone my jacket

Angel Cake & Cream: White lace blouses, strawberry shortcake, pink roses, Lolita floral jumperskirts, grand allegro in a botanical garden, picnics in spring days, vintage bed jackets, hand-sewing ribbons

Overcast Picnic: Straw boater hats, Victorian mansions, the feeling of ennui, black Mary Jane shoes, old jazz records, singing softly to your lover in a rowboat, fresh bread, long walks alone

Melancholy, Fleeting Elegance: Miss Dior perfume, Chopin’s nocturnes, my worn-out pointe shoes, strong black tea, cameo jewelry, sitting in hotel lobbies, skirts that swoosh around the knees, afternoons at the museum

Dark Academia, but make it Kawaii: black velvet ribbon tied at the neck, milky coffee, half-cursive unintelligible writing, golden stork scissors, dried roses from high school theatre gifts, pleated skirts, chocolate éclairs, tete a tetes in a library backroom