I get bored so easily so this site included. Why do I need to come to the wiki that will not benefit me anymore since I already figured out my aesthetics a long time ago. I will not come here as often. If you want your aesthetics ASAP, just post on my wall.

I have an IED so felt free to called me out if I gone too far. The therapist are doing their work quite well.

1,000 edit!!! Congratulations!!! At 16/1/2021!!!

2,000 edits!!! At 19/2/2021!!!

Pastel and Nautical are created by me, Miniaturecore is my collaboration with others.

I put my name in creator section to show who the creator of the page is. If there's a problem within you can contact someone faster.

My aesthetics are so random, they cannot be list anymore.

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