Urbancore is an aesthetic based on imagery of urban cities and street life. Urbancore is associated to real-life, modern-day society and almost always is based in recent decades. It can revolve around city streets, graffiti, skate parks at night, and picnics. It is seen as an accomplice to the High End Streetwear aesthetic. Similar to High School Dream, this aesthetic embodies a youthful and somewhat rebellious spirit of a teen living in a nostalgic time.

Common Themes

  • vandalism
  • graffiti
  • industrial architecture
    • rooftops, alleyways, spaces between buildings
    • train stations
    • worn-down/empty buildings
    • skyscrapers
    • concrete
  • street fixtures, such as benches, street lamps, road signs
  • urban exploration
    • unpopulated buildings such as warehouses
    • barren concrete stairwells
  • dirty areas
    • garbage clutter
    • dumpsters
    • concrete rubble


Urbancore fashion draws heavly from High End Streetwear, Skater, Art Hoe, Hip-Hop and Nostalgiacore fashion, since this aesthetic is fairly active, a lot of the clothing is fashionable and breathable. A majority of clothing is commonly found in the High End Streetwear scene, dirty/worn shoes and distressed baggy clothing is seen as well, some staples are:

  • sweaters over collared shirts
  • chains/pants chains
  • Cargo pants
  • flat-bottomed skating shoes
  • sneakers
  • oversized t-shirts
  • flannels
  • plaid skirts



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